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Baby Blue Coat + Baby Pink Pants
by Kira | Friday, March 25, 2016

TGIF loves! Yes, I know I’m a horrible friend for being mia on the fashion front lately. The honest to God truth is that I totally have some organizing to do both personally and professionally.

That’s certainly no excuse but at the very least you deserve to know why I’ve been slacking. Moving forward, expect more consistency from ya girl!

In other news, spring is here!!!! This is my least favorite season but honey, this year I’ve welcomed it with all my heart, allergies and all. To celebrate, I’ve decided to get decked out in the traditional pastel colors of baby pink and blue.

Here’s to changing seasons and prescription refills. Talk to you soon, XO!

Coat//H&M , Top//Uniqlo , Pants//Uniqlo , Shoes//H&M , Bag//Ross 

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