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White Ankle Boots

For the last 2 years I’ve compiled a list of items into a must have list. A list filled with pieces I desperately want in my wardrobe. Found one of these items at my local Marshall’s store. Ladies, I give you white ankle boots! You may be saying to yourself “Girl, bye” but I personally love a white shoe. Yes, they get a bad rap. Yes, many people consider them a huge fashion mistake. But guess what? I don’t care.  Having a white pump in my arsenal already, just needed to build up my collection. Now that I have white ankle boots the possibilities are endless.

I purchased these months ago right as we transitioned from spring into summer. But don’t let that fool you, these boots can easily be worn in the fall and winter months. Paired with denim, leather pants, layered with tights and shorts, or even in place of stilettos with a dress. I can’t wait to see what I come up with this winter. It’s easy to be scared off by the bright color. Especially during a season when most people naturally gravitate to dark hues. However, I’d love to challenge myself to step outside the box. To use these as a new neutral.

Since winter is around the corner I decided to break in these boots woth a dress while there’s still time. A lovely compliment for my footwear, the fabric on this plaid dress is heavier than it looks. Not something I’d wear during the summer but perfect for autumn. Bell sleeves add a flirtatious vibe to an otherwise straightforward piece. Being so coordinated with my accessories was a big risk. It may seem too matchy-matchy but I felt it was retro. Just enough hardware to make it edgy and not totally “Stepford”. I’m curious, would you rock a white boot? Let me know below!

Dress//Burlington Coat Factory , Shoes//Nine West , Bag//Forever 21

Green Lace

Since the sixteenth century no other fabric has embodied both class and femininity as lace. From Queen Elizabeth to Marie Antoinette it’s been associated with royalty. The trend continued well in the roaring twenties and by the eighties it was synonymous with all things rock and roll. It was a symbol of class and elegance. Then later a bad girl’s “screw you” to all things girlie in the form of ripped stockings and fingerless gloves. All things considered, I’ve hated lace for most of my life. Then one day I loved it, without warning. A switch was flipped and suddenly I was smitten. So you can imagine my excitement when I found this beautiful forrest green lace dress.

It was during a trip to Maryland two winters ago to visit a close friend when I fell in love. We were shopping at New York and Company admiring the Eva Mendes collection. It was full of color and ultra chic midi dresses. Knits that hug your body and accentuate your shape. Wrap around Belts that cinch your waist. A girl’s dream, especially a modern church girl. Then we noticed this beautiful dress. Intricate lace overlay with a great opaque lining. I especially loved the way the lining stops short of the remaining lace. It adds a little flirtation at the hem. The structured collar and thin belt elevate the dress. The cap sleeves make it multi-seasonal.

The best part? It was on sale! I was sold right away, especially since I purchased another one in another color (which you’ll be seeing shortly on the blog). I’m glad that my personal style has evolved. How about you? Would you add lace to your wardrobe? Leave me a comment below!

Dress//New York & Company , Shoes//K&G , Glasses//Forever 21 , Earrings// H&M

Khaki Smock Dress

Franklin Fountain is a really dope ice cream shop located in Old City Philadelphia. Once you step inside you’re reminded that this is truly an old city. Offering homemade ice cream and unique soda flavors like cantaloupe and watermelon, it’s busy year round. Tourists and residents alike love this place. I decided stop in and grab something since it was 86 degrees. This was also the perfect opportunity to wear my khaki smock dress.

I was honestly hesitant about purchasing this style at first. The colors are very muted and could actually come across as dull. The boxy shape made me worried I’d be lost in a sea of tan. However, refusing to be limited I grabbed it anyway from Buffalo Exchange. It’s an H&M piece (go figure) but it’s about 5 years old so pre-monkey.

I kept things simple with ballet flats and gold jewelry. This post has actually made me realize how little conten I shoot showcasing flat shoes. I’m in flats them 90% of the time at work. I’ll be sure to fix that moving forward.

Dress//H&M , Shoes//Payless , Jewelry//Burlington Coat Factory

60’s Princess Dress

The fashion lover in me is always interested in see what was fashionable to previous generations. As a millennial with baby boomer parents searching through old family photos isn’t just to take a trip down memory lane. I do it to also get some style inspiration. Recently I came across a few pictures that reminded me of an old dress I haven’t worn in years. It’s this yellow floral 60’s princess dress.

I purchased the dress years ago at H&M. At the time hippie chic was popular. Peasant tops, mod dresses, and embroidery were in every store. I came across this groovy dress and was immediately excited. The floral pattern is totally reminiscent of the 60’s. A dress Daphne from Scooby Doo might have worn on a date with Fred.

What sold me on the dress completely was the bottom half. The princess ruffles are exaggerated by the use of structured tulle and darting. I never have to worry about the dress losing it’s shape. The stretch spandex material is extremely comfortable. Not to mention that’s the only reason I can fit this dress after all these years. It’s one of few dresses I own that allow me to twirl like a ballerina. Perdect with flats during the day or sandals at night.

Dress//H&M , Shoes//K&G , Bag//Forever 21 , Watch//Movado , Earrings//Burlington

White Denim + Neon

In my humble opinion white denim is just as versatile as it’s blue counterpart. Believe it or not, it’s wearable in every season. I actually look forward to pairing mine with boots and cable knit sweaters in the winter. Until then I’ll be making the most of these last two weeks of summer with a bright wardrobe. Today it’s all about my skinny white denim and neon sandals.

I rarely shop at Macy’s because, well I’m a millennial. The department store giant never really did it for me (Kanye shrug). However, one walk through about six years ago and I spotted the perfect sandal for my upcoming trip to Miami. A bright, colorful, chucnky sandal from Rachel Roy. The icing on the cake was that they’re ridiculously comfy.

Truth be told I’ve probably worn the sandals ten times in six years but deep down I’m trying to preserve them forever LOL. They instantly add a wow factor to any outfit, whether casual or dressy. I decided to be daring and add a little extra color to this look. I chose a turquoise tank instead of a white tee and a neon wristlet to match. Sunnies and big hoops finish the look. How qould you style these babies? I’d love to know, tell me in the comments below!

Top//H&M , Jeans//Old Navy , Shoes//Rachel Roy , Wristlet//Dots , Glasses//Forever 21

Bandeau Top + Linen Skirt

Kids across the U.S. went back to school this week. It allegedly signifies the end of summer but this deadly heat says otherwise. There are still a few last minute beach trips and barbecues to be had before we say farewell for good. I’ve been digging in my summer wardrobe pulling pieces I won’t be able to wear next summer. I came across this red bandeau top and linen skirt tucked away in storage.

The top is actually one of two that my superfly grandmother made herself. I remember begging for this and it’s turquoise counterpart as a teen. Tube tops and bandeaus were all the rage because… the nineties. Grandma obliged and this baby has been mine for two decades. I love the horizontal stripes. The tan and gold give a retro feel. You can totally tell it’s vintage.

My storage digging was yet another reminder that much of my wardrobe consists of pieces from H&M. Like a TON of pieces. I decided to round up a few oldies but goodies and shoot them anyway. I struggled with the decision since y’all know I’m still boycotting the brand. New purchases aren’t being made, but I’ll wear what I have until I complete another shopping haul.

This tiered linen skirt has been a summer staple for years. The high waist and fitted thigh are uber sultry while the loose tiers are fun and flirtatious. I hate to let go of the skirt but I’ve outgrown it, so this is a last hoorah of sorts.

I chose bold gold jewelry of course. The retro vibe also demanded a retro pair of oversized shades. My favorite two tone sandals and a metallic straw clutch pulled it all together. The perfect blend of old and new!

Top//Vintage , Skirt & Clutch//H&M , Shoes//Zara , Jewelry//Aldo , Glasses//Michael Kors

Ruffled Jumper

Is it just me or was July was a blur? I spent the first two weeks of July trapped in an arm sling. Not the sexiest accessory during a Heatwave. The last two were devoted to full time mom duties since baby girl is on summer break. Now August is here and I have plenty of summer looks in my closet that haven’t seen sunlight. Thankfully, Philly weather tends to be hot and humid until October so I’ll get to wear them all. Starting with this ruffle jumper.

I originally purchased this for my honeymoon last year. It never made the cut but I was pleasantly surprised when I realized it still fit. I love the Hawaiian vibe of the floral pattern. The sleeves are long and loose and the deep v neckline adds a little drama. Finally, the ruffles along the hip add an unexpected feminine touch.

I instantly felt like I was on vacation when I wore this jumper. I rarely wear shorts so this one piece was perfect. Considering I was bloated and tired the day of the shoot I’m super happy with the final look. I kept my footwear simple with a pair of black sandal wedges. A small cross-body bag completes the entire ensemble.

When the weather is brutally hot, easy breezy is the way to go!

Jumper//Eternity Fashions, Shoes//Aldo, Bag//Aldo, Sunglasses//Forever 21

Floral Duster

After years of strict guidelines I’m still hesitant to wear casual outfits to work. Even with a laid back dress code, one that I raved about, it presents a challenge. I rarely wear denim. I’ve actually been reviewing old blog posts to see just how often I give you guys a denim look. It’s not that often. I promise to do better. Last week I chose to go semi casual for brunch and plan a look around this floral duster jacket.

I’ll admit, my first instinct was to pair it with a sheath dress. I decided to save that for church instead. This beautiful jacket caught my eye in Burlington a while back. The versatile color palette can easily go from spring to fall. I’ve been drawn to dramatic sleeves all year. Needless to say I love the slight flare on the sleeves of this floral duster.

I really wanted to pair the jacket with s silky tank but it was cooler than usual. Instead I opted for a sheer blouse. I chose a pair of patent loafers to give a flirty sophisticated vibe. A pair of earrings and a purse with tassels added some flare. Lastly, my go to finisher, a pair of sunglasses.

I can’t wait to style this jacket again, especially this fall with some knee boots. Until then I’ll do my best to add more denim to my repertoire. Hope you enjoy your week loves, xo!

Jacket//Burlington Coat Factory, Blouse//Zara , Jeans//Forever 21 , Shoes//Ross , Purse//Burlington Coat Factory

Yellow Lace Mini Dress

Is it just me, or is that first work day back after a three day weekend is always tricky? This weekend was pretty great because hubs and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. I feel like I’ve finally gotten used to saying the words husband or wife. I really can’t believe it’s been a year already. But you know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun! Yesterday was Memorial Day marking the unofficial start of summer and now it’s back to business and blogging for ya girl.  Now that the seventy and eighty degree temps are here to stay I can pull out all the cute stuff. Starting with this pretty yellow lace mini dress!

It was a hot and humid day when I shot this dress. My usual photographer was out of town so my coworker and friend designer K. Vaughn did me a solid and swooped in to shoot this dress. He also brought one of his spring 2018 scarves for me to try. The colors went well with the yellow lace so we decided to incorporate it into the look! I was beyond excited to shoot this dress because I honestly wasn’t sure if I could lol. My weight has fluctuated a bit over the last two years. I gained twenty pounds, lost some, gained it back and now I’m at a stand still. As a result I have a ton of clothes to consign and donate. This dress is one of them. This will be my last time wearing the dress because it’s a little too snug in the mid section.

I purchased this dress a few years ago from H&M. However, I should mention that I haven’t been back to H&M since that whole “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” debacle this winter. So if you see an outfit post with an item or two from the brand, know that it’s a pre 2018 purchase. I have a ton of clothing by the company because it is probably one of my favorite stores but until I see how that issue was resolved places like Zara, Forever 21, and some online retailers will be getting my coins. I chose white leather to accessorize the lemon yellow of the dress and to bring out the white sheer lace overlay. Next I added my trustee white cat eye frames and some translucent costume jewelry to finish the look. I’m warning you now, expect to see these frames for yet another summer because they work with everything!

Well, here’s to a great work week, drop a comment below and tell me about your weekend.

Dress//H&M , Clutch//Zara , Shoes//Zara , Jewelry//H&M

Sequin Bomber + Midi Skirt

I can say with certainty that each day when deciding what to wear it all boils down to two options: be chill or do the most. That’s it in a nutshell. I’ve come to accept this truth. I also know that I’m not alone. There are plenty of other women just like me. Women who toggle between being low key or completely extra. Women who will wear a button up and denim on a date but go to work in let’s say… a sequin bomber and a metallic midi skirt. Yes beloved, today’s look is actually what I recently wore to work. Not a night out with the girls or a concert on South street, this was worn to the office.

By now you know that my employers have gotten rid of our strict business dress code.  Instead, we now have a wear what you feel atmosphere. Denim is no longer limited to Casual Friday and neither are sneakers. So I’d say I am well within compliance. The awesome thing about this new dress code is that I’m rediscovering my creativity. I woke up and decided I wanted to wear my sequin bomber jacket. Then I built an entire outfit around that piece. Can you believe this vintage jacket was a gift from my bestie in high school?! There are times when I want the jacket alone to be the focal point but this wasn’t one of them.

Instead of just wearing a pair of jeans with the jacket I opted to finally pop the tag on this beautiful pleated midi skirt. It’s been collecting dust in my closet since October but the weather is finally warm enough to give it a go. The skirt is paper thin and practically sheer. When I wear it in the Fall I’ll definitely need tights underneath. The hardest decision regarding this look was choosing my top. A white shirt seemed too predictable and a graphic tee was overkill. I decided a plain gray sweatshirt was the perfect mix of casual cool. The neutral color brings out the gray in the fish scale pattern of the sequin bomber jacket. It also allows for the blue color in both the skirt and jacket to be seen. However, my primary reason for the gray shirt was so I could wear these pom-pom sneakers, lol.

Don’t hate, but I found these babies on the clearance rack for just $10! They slip on so you know they’re super comfy. The faux suede fabric is easy to clean and the furry pom-poms are a trend I’ve always secretly wanted to try. I love seeing the contrast of such a bold jacket and elegant pleated skirt against a casual sweat shirt and sneakers. The pieces can all stand alone but they don’t clash or overpower each other. It was a risk but I went ahead and added some statement jewelry to finish the look. Why not? If you’re gonna do the most then do it hunny. Here’s to all the extra ladies slaying sidewalks everyday. I see you boo, XO.

Jacket//Vintage , Shirt//H&M , Skirt//Zara , Sneakers//Kmart , Jewelry//Burlington Coat Factory

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