Month: December 2016

Fuschia Sweater + Satin Boots

As a reward to those who have donated to the Philly Jingle Bell Run it’s jeans week at the office. Although I no longer own enough pairs of jeans to actually last me all week, I’m still excited to participate. As much as I love dressing up, there are still days when all you want to do is throw on some denimn and get going.

Since it isn’t Friday just yet I’ve decided to dress up my jeans today and add a bold color. This fuschia sweater has litrally been in my closet since about 12th grade. I swear to you! I love the satin buttons and the rolled collar.

Although it comes with a satin sash belt to tie around the middle, I opted to lose the belt and add a large printed scarf as my statement piece. Now if you thought the sweater was old, these satin boots are even older. I received these babies as a Christmas gift from my stylish grandmother back in 10th grade! She purchased them from Parade of Shoes, which is no longer in business.

I’ve started to sell these boots on numerous occasions but something always holds me back… namely their comfort. Shoes that are comfortable are a priority for me and these definitely deliver. Hope your week has been kind to you thus far, happy Wednesday loves!

Sweater//Charlotte Russe , Jeans//H&M , Scarf//H&M , Shoes//Vintage 

One Month to Love: Letting Go

“Love does not dominate; it cultivates.” – Johann Wolfgang Goethe

In the final segment of our study on loving our circle, we explore the art of letting go. Of what you ask? Simply the need to control our lives and the lives of others. Now I know what you’re thinking: I’m not some control freak, I just have better ways of doing things; I have a type A personality. Trust me, I know you mean well, but the truth is we may not even realize we’re treating people this way. Often times we employ these controling behaviors and strategies so invisibly that we’re unaware of our actions.

All of us push people’s buttons to create the experiences and relationships that serve our purpose. Some seek to control by being perfectionists and others by being intimidators. Then there are the worrywarts who control using anxiety while others are constant planners, and some who are micromanagers. In any case, our need to control often stems from core issues in our lives.

The six most common core issues are: hurt, insecurity, pride, guilty, selfishness, and unrealistic expectations. These issues tend to be the underlying reason for our desire to control. Wordly thinking says that taking matters into our own hands will eliminate the fear of the unknown. However, this keeps us from trusting God and others. Godly thinking says that the unknown is a place of trusting God and that perfect love casts out all fear. 

Lasting love isn’t just about what you can add but also what you can let go of in relationships. Simon Peter’s relationship with Jesus is a perfect example of someone who fought for control. The fishing story in Luke 5 describes how Peter had toiled all night with his fishing mates only to repeatedly come up empty. After some resistance and questioning Jesus’ instructions, he finally receives his largest catch ever by giving up control and obeying the master’s instructions. 

This miracle illustrates for us the benefit of giving God control of every area of our lives… not just the spiritual things. He wants to be included in your education, career, friendships, and romantic relationships. There is peace in submission and power in letting go! 

Taupe Tunic + Chocolate Leather

It’s Friday aka the end of the work week and it’s December, aka the Friday of months. By God’s grace we’ve pushed through these previous eleven months and now have an opportunity to end this last one strong. I’m exactly two weeks into thirty-three so my new year has already begun.

I have no intention of waiting until January 1, 2017 to make any neccessary changes. Death to procrastination! Winter coats on the other hand, they give me all sorts of life honey! For today’s look I’ve pulled my brown shearling coat out of hibernation as temperatures are colder now.

This coat is the perfect outterwear for my cowl neck tunic. This type of sweater is a fall/winter staple for me, especially when paired with skinnies like this brown leather pair. I opted for flat brown ankle boots, because comfort, and completed the look with oversize accessories for a 70’s feel.


All these shades of brown look fablous in this winter sunlight, not to mention on my skin. Remember, winter weather shouldn’t cramp your style. Here’s to a great weekend loves!

Coat//Zara , Sweater/ Pants/ Boots// H&M , Handbag//Zara , Glasses//Michael Kors , Hat//Vintage

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