Yellow Flares

It’s been two whole weeks and your girl is still feeling some kinda way about the Game of Thrones series finale. I have so many questions for the writers of the show. What was the point of the crop circles from the Army if the Dead? Were there no scenes with both Cersei and Daenerys in the same frame? Y’all really gone play my girl Brienne like that? Bran the Broken though, REALLY?? Let me switch topics before the anger returns. Can we get into these comfy yellow flares?

You may recall seeing these pants before in a rust color here in a previous post. Stretch lycra fabric makes them super soft on your skin. The ribbed detail not only adds dimension, but also gives the illusion of length. To top it all off they are high waisted making them crop top friendly. This is right up my alley right now because my summer body is on layaway.

To compliment the ribbing on these yellow flares I chose a striped top. The chevron pattern and ruffled hem add some more movement to the look. The top is slightly cropped and goes perfectly with the high waistline. These pants are the perfect bottoms for me as I work off this belly weight gain and scar tissue from my surgery last fall. Pesky buttons and itchy zippers are no longer an option.

Being petite at a cool 5’3 I never waste an opportunity to appear taller, so I opted for a platform wedge heel. These white slingbacks are nearly 115 years old. All leather with a cork sole from Aldo shoes. If you’ve followed me for a while you know I LOVE their shoes. A simple white envelope bag and gold jewelry complete the look. These round sunnies were a last minute purchase from CVS because the sun was practically blinding during my shoot.

Hope you all have a dope weekend. Summer is here so let’s get out, off our phones, and enjoy ourselves!

Top//Marshall’s , Pants//Boohoo , Shoes/Purse//Aldo , Jewelry//Kmart , Glasses//CVS

Black Floral Short Set

So you mean to tell me that after 8 seasons of diabolical treachery Cersei dies due to structural damage at Casterly Rock?! A freaking building collapse… really? I’m convinced Game of Thrones writers are trying to make fans livid (if so, it’s working). *Deep sigh* I could go on but refuse to go down the rabbit hole. Instead let’s lighten the mood and focus on fashion. Spring is such a hodge podge of temperatures (because global warming), it seems the only consistent theme are the flowers my wardrobe. Ones like this black floral short set for instance.

Last year my mother took me shopping for Mother’s Day and we spotted this outfit at Mandee’s in Springfield. If you’ve never been to Mandee, every item in the store is priced at $10 or less. It’s insane, I know, which is why I can’t believe I don’t shop there more often. This floral short set came in three variations: pink, black, and white. White was my first choice but I couldn’t find my size. Nevertheless, the black proved to be a great pick because I can wear this in the fall as well.

Both pieces were $10 each, sold separately. Something that stood out to me was the long vest. Had it been shorter, the set may have appeared cheasy. A long vest adds a level of sophistication to an otherwise trendy ensemble. I also love the contrast of a dark background against bold flowers. Having never worn shorts with over the knee boots I knew that’s exactly how I wanted to style this outfit. I’m aware that some find the pairing a little too risque, especially for a Christian blogger. However, I honestly believe that it’s how you wear your clothes that makes the difference.

The plan was to layer a classic white button up underneath the vest. Would you believe I couldn’t find a single one in my closet? Epic styling fail an hour before my shoot. This pastel pink button up is plan B. I still don’t think it works but hey, the show must go on. Black fringe earrings and a quilted chain handle purse complete this look. Have you ever worn boots with shorts? What do you think of this combo? Let me know in the comments and lets make this a great Monday!

Short Set//Mandee , Boots//Go Jane , Shirt//H&M

Bubblegum Pink Pantsuit

As long as I can remember women have been told never to mix pink and red together. This combination has always been a fashion mistake until now. Old school fashion rules are permanently gone by the wayside. Women are no longer coloring inside the “fashion” lines and I’m here for it all. As I’ve mentioned before, one of my personal goals is to return to the fun I had with fashion in my 20s. I was as extra as I wanted to be with no regard for opinions. While some things were never personally appropriate, I enjoyed being free and creative. This feeling is exactly what emerged while shooting this oversize bubblegum pink pantsuit!

Oversize menswear is very much in trend and I couldn’t be happier. Women have a way of making menswear extremely fluid and feminine, even if it’s loose. Browsing online I spotted this Boohoo suit and immediately added to cart. My size was outbof stock but I felt a baggier fit could be dope – and I was right! A few sleeve pushes and a tightly cinched belt camouflaged the fact that this suit is 2 sizes too big.

The bubblegum pink color is eye catching and perfect for spring. Adding a red blouse and pump didn’t feel wrong at all. I love how they look together. As if these colors don’t make a big enough statement, I decided to go big or go home. I found my color block clutch and paired it with white sunnies. This elevated the look to another level. I have to say I felt more like myself while doing so. I’m excited about reclaiming my style. What a great way to begin May!!

How do you feel about the pink and red trend? Let me know in the comments below.

Suit//Boohoo , Shirt//H&M , Shoes//Zara , Bag//Aldo

Green Floral Midi Dress

Hello beautiful people! I hope your holiday weekend was wonderful, I’m still buzzing from my church’s Resurrection Sunday service. Pastor delivered the story of Calvary from Judas’ perspective (chile… amazing). Hubs and I attended a christening and became proud God Parents; then we ended the night with episode two of Game of Thrones season 8. You guys, I’m truly not ready for this show to be over, it’s one of my favorites. Instead of crying over G.O.T, I’ll just focus on the fashion. Now we’ve all heard the old saying “April showers bring May flowers” right? Today I’m bringing the flowers a little early with this green floral midi dress.

Let me start by letting all my fellow fashionistas know, YES this is an H&M dress sis. In early fall of 2017 I purchased this dress on clearance for $20 (right before the whole monkey debacle). I keep releasing a disclaimer whenever I wear this brand because I know many of my favs have been quite problematic recently. Am I purchasing new items from H&M? Honestly, haven’t given them my coins in over a year and the jury is still out (shoulder shrug). For now, wearing everything I have while they still fit is the move for this season. A resale is in the near future because… weight gain lol.

Rather than style this dress predictably, I decided to give y’all a little drama. Adding green opaque tights immediately makes it more interesting and also highlights the floral design. The soft pinks and creams stand out against the abundance of hunter green. For the first time in SPS history, I wore sandals with my tights – something I’ve been trying to do forever. This was the right outfit for the job, so to speak. These blush sandals hurt like crazy but darn it if they don’t slay!

Minimal accessories and a bold green lip are all I need. My trusty trench coat was the icing on the cake, perfect for this spring weather. This may be my favorite shoot of the season thus far. What say you? Will you be wearing tights with sandals this season? Let me know in the comments below!

Dress//H&M , Jacket//DKNY , Shoes//Anne Michelle , Tights//Target

Colorful Striped Sweater

Every now and then an unplanned visit to the thrift store will lead me to a must have item. A funky necklace, perfectly worn denim, or designer vintage – all items I’ve found unexpectedly. This colorful sweater was purchased on a similar trip. It’s no secret that I am in serious need of new clothes since I can hardly fit anything in my closet. While I need to go shopping, the need to stay on budget is greater. Luckily thrift stores and re-sale shops offer great clothes at half the price!

Whether it’s denim, outerwear, or a pant suit, right now – women’s clothing is all about a loose fit. The fit of this sweater is just right, loose enough to be comfy but not appear sloppy. I was drawn to the sweater because of it’s bright colorful stripes; something I don’t have much of in my wardrobe. Soft velour ribbing means it feels absolutely amazing! All of this for the low price of $7 makes this a win win.

As for the rest of the look, I kept it simple. Black denim and black heels allow the sweater to stand alone. My quilted red cross-body is small enough not to clash with everything else. I added an extra pop of color with orange lipstick because, why not? Truth be told, I can’t wait to pair this with some leather in the fall. Here’s to warm spring weather and colorful clothes all season long!

Sweater//Forever 21 , Jeans//Forever 21 , Shoes// Donald J. Pliner , Purse//Aldo

Pink Tulle Skirt

“Come through Jesus” First Quarter 2019 is over. The tests kept coming the entire quarter but if there’s anything I know, it’s that God is able. The passing of rapper/businessman/community leader Nipsey Hussle over the weekend has shaken hip hop and black culture to it’s core. Nipsey was a widely respected pillar of the southern L.A. community. Sending prayers go out to Lauren London and her children.Tragedies like this are often a reminder to squeeze my own black man a little tighter at night. Living life to its fullest and loving like there’s no tomorrow are priorities this year. So is dressing like every street is a catwalk. Speaking of catwalks, I finally took this big girly pink tulle skirt for a spin!

In case you haven’t noticed, pink is quickly becoming a closet staple in my wardrobe. Twenty years ago that statement would be laughable. I purchased the skirt on a random trip to Old City’s Smak Parlour and fell in love. The long length and the tiers really caught my eye because it features a true waist which lends itself to crop tops in the summer. Styling this with various jackets and accessories will be loads of fun.

This time I chose to pair the pink tulle with an 80s Cosby sweater (is that reference tacky or nah). Removing the stiff shoulder pads from this $3 sweater was a good idea. When my first choice of blouse didn’t fit I decided to do a Denise Huxtable and opt for a baggier top. The loose, comfy fit adds just the right amount of chill to this pink tulle and its metallic design throughout made accessorizing a breeze. My trusty Zara t-straps with matching envelope bag did the trick.

We shot this look on the coldest day of the week with winds blowing like crazy. Needless to say my feet were freezing but we go the shot LOL. I’m pleased with the finished product and I hope you are too. So how was your first quarter? What was your favorite part? Leave me a comment below!

Sweater//Thrifted , Skirt//Smak Parlour , Shoes/Bag//Zara , Glasses//Forever 21

Knits & Puffer

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend! Chile, this has been such a long week. Your girl is tired. It’s been six months since I’ve taken new blog photos and I seriously considered canceling tomorrow’s shoot. Nevertheless, I’m gonna push through and just take a bomb nap when I get done. Wednesday was the official start of spring and my sinuses have confirmed this change of season. However, the temperatures are slow to rise so I’ll be in warm clothing until then. Today’s look is all about this knit hat and scarf and cozy puffer vest.

To be quite honest, I never know exactly when to wear a puffer vest. What temperature is too cold? Too hot? I only know I’ve made a mistake when my arms are freezing or my back is sweaty. Apparently the stars were all aligned on the day of this shoot. Not every day is a day for heels and sequins. Especially since my job changed the dress code. I wear more casual clothes than ever before.

Deciding to wear this burgundy vest with jeans kept it chill. Plus, darker denim always looks nice against burgundy. The knit hat adds a pop of bright color while this plaid scarf ties them all together. Picking one color from the scarf, I went with a pink shade. It’s less predictable. Finally, my trusty Chelsea boots match perfectly. Catch me in these streets during the week and you have a 50/50 chance I’ll either be sophisticated or chill. It’s a toss up!

Hat//Boohoo , Scarf//Ross , Top//Uniqlo , Jeans//Forever 21 , Boots//Zara

Blue Suede Shoes

Happy March 1st y’all!! I guess that’s not technically a thing, but a new month begins today. My little sister turns 25 (omg my baby), spring starts in week three, and this is the last month of first quarter. Now is the time to tidy up any goal oriented loose ends from January and February. I’m determined to leave first quarter with no regrets. March is also Women’s History Month. It’s already started with a bang as Solange dropped a new album at midnight. I’m here for all March has to offer! In fashion news ya girl is still trying to figure out what clothes I can actually fit. Gaining weight while I was out on medical leave means I have a closet of pretty things going to waste. I’m torn between losing weight or going shopping. In the meantime I’ll start this month off with a pre surgery look starring these super cute blue suede shoes.

Elvis Presley made the Carl Perkins song a rock and roll hit in the 50s and I’m inclined to agree. Blue shoes in general are hard to find, especially for women. Things have gotten better, but I remember going a whole winter looking for a navy pump. Finding a blue suede shoe , even more difficult. Luckily I found these babies at Buffalo Exchange here in Philly. The resale shop always has a great mixture of used and vintage clothing. These ankle boots stood out to me immediately. I love the pointed toe, it gives a western flare. The low heel means I can wear them all day long comfortably. The cobalt color is what makes them a must have. I can literally wear this shoe all year.

I decided to be captain obvious and pair the boots with a matching sweater. One of my old H&M pieces. I kept the blue theme going with jeans in a lighter wash. Skinny jeans look great with the shape of this boot. I stayed with the theme and added my powder blue coat and carryall. This coat has literally been my spring go to for 4 years now. I think this is the last one but I surely got my money’s worth. Silver metallic accessories seemed most appropriate and added necessary shine.

Let’s make this month a great one loves! What are your plans to end first quarter? Tell me in the comments.

Coat/Sweater/Jeans//H&M , Boots//Lipsy , Bag//Ross

Rust Flares

You guys is it just me or was January that WORK?! I legit feel like I went thru an entire quarter in one month. As if I went back to work after surgery, blinked, and was transported to February. This month has been quite busy. Very productive, but busy nonetheless. Having completed my first month back at work I’ve really had to give myself extra time to get places. I haven’t been as diligent with my stretching and working out. As a result, I’m quite stiff and this cold weather we’ve had in Philly hasn’t helped. The low temps have my abdomen incredibly sore. The weight gain plus scar tissue combo means I’m unable to fit most of my clothes. Thankfully, stretch pants exist! Especially cute ones like these rust flares.

In full transparency, I have been wearing the same four sweatsuits to work since returning on Christmas eve. Having abdominal surgery will make you reevaluate all of your clothes. Somehow I have amassed a collection of pants and skirts that all seem irritating. My underwear is too low rise, my high waist pants squeeze too tight, my jeans don’t zip, & I’ve gained 12 pounds in post-op. Now before you roll your eyes and say “Girl, bye”, going from a size 4 to 8ish is a trip. I need to go shopping. On the bright side there are items in my closet that now fit.

I purchased these flares back in August. Worried that they’d be too tight I ordered a medium. They arrived and were actually loose in the waist and longer than expected. I still love the fit. High waisted and trim throughout with ribbing and a slight bell flare at the hem. The material is thin so you need to wear tights in fall/winter months. But these are super comfy and don’t leave me sore. I even nabbed a mustard yellow pair. Speaking of mustard, this soft turtleneck is the perfect companion to the rust colored pants.

I kept my accessories neutral with caramel aka brown girl nude pumps and purse. I also added my go to fall scarf of the same color. However, I didn’t play it safe with my outerwear. It’s cold enough for my wool coat of many colors. This is still my favorite thrifted purchase ever. I’ll be wearing this baby until Jesus returns. Good pieces are durable and fashion longevity is a plus.

I hope you are warm and cozy wherever you are. Talk to me! Let me know in the comments what items in your closet are there for good.

Coat//Vintage , Top//Uniqlo , Pants//Boohoo , Shoes//Donald J. Pliner, Purse//Ross

Maroon + Fleece

This is my favorite time of the year! Christmas Villiage is packed with visitors. Department stores are open around the clock. Little children are posing for pictures on Santa’s lap. Last year we waited til the week before Christmas to put up the tree. This time it’s been up since Thanksgiving. Princess Jasmine’s presents are ready to be wrapped and Donnie Hathaway’s “This Christmas” is on repeat. I’m truly happy for my little family. This year was challenging but God is good. Now that it’s down right cold I can pull out the latest addition to my wrap collection. This striped fleece is the perfect cover for my maroon dress.

A simple fit and flare dress is so versatile. It can be worn to work, church, on a date, or a party. The trick is to let your accessories do all the work. Since I purchased three of the same dress in different colors, I’ll be paring them with different wraps. This fleece wrap was a $20 steal from TJ Maxx. The deep colors transition from fall to winter easily. Not to mention it’s ridiculously soft. I literally felt like I was wearing a snuggie.

Maroon is such a distinct color. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I had boots to match. The faux suede otk boots from early this year are perfection with the dress. They give a very sleek, monochromatic touch to the outfit. Metallic jewelry adds a nice pop against the deep color. My only regret is that I brought the wrong eyewear to this photoshoot. These are clearly summer shades. Since I hadn’t worn any eye makeup for the shoot I was stuck with the pair. What can I say, stuff happens. Hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend, Merry Christmas!

Dress//BooHoo , Wrap//TJ Maxx , Boots//Go Jane , Jewelry//H&M

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