Yellow Lace Mini Dress

Is it just me, or is that first work day back after a three day weekend is always tricky? This weekend was pretty great because hubs and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. I feel like I’ve finally gotten used to saying the words husband or wife. I really can’t believe it’s been a year already. But you know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun! Yesterday was Memorial Day marking the unofficial start of summer and now it’s back to business and blogging for ya girl.  Now that the seventy and eighty degree temps are here to stay I can pull out all the cute stuff. Starting with this pretty yellow lace mini dress!

It was a hot and humid day when I shot this dress. My usual photographer was out of town so my coworker and friend designer K. Vaughn did me a solid and swooped in to shoot this dress. He also brought one of his spring 2018 scarves for me to try. The colors went well with the yellow lace so we decided to incorporate it into the look! I was beyond excited to shoot this dress because I honestly wasn’t sure if I could lol. My weight has fluctuated a bit over the last two years. I gained twenty pounds, lost some, gained it back and now I’m at a stand still. As a result I have a ton of clothes to consign and donate. This dress is one of them. This will be my last time wearing the dress because it’s a little too snug in the mid section.

I purchased this dress a few years ago from H&M. However, I should mention that I haven’t been back to H&M since that whole “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” debacle this winter. So if you see an outfit post with an item or two from the brand, know that it’s a pre 2018 purchase. I have a ton of clothing by the company because it is probably one of my favorite stores but until I see how that issue was resolved places like Zara, Forever 21, and some online retailers will be getting my coins. I chose white leather to accessorize the lemon yellow of the dress and to bring out the white sheer lace overlay. Next I added my trustee white cat eye frames and some translucent costume jewelry to finish the look. I’m warning you now, expect to see these frames for yet another summer because they work with everything!

Well, here’s to a great work week, drop a comment below and tell me about your weekend.

Dress//H&M , Clutch//Zara , Shoes//Zara , Jewelry//H&M

Sequin Bomber + Midi Skirt

I can say with certainty that each day when deciding what to wear it all boils down to two options: be chill or do the most. That’s it in a nutshell. I’ve come to accept this truth. I also know that I’m not alone. There are plenty of other women just like me. Women who toggle between being low key or completely extra. Women who will wear a button up and denim on a date but go to work in let’s say… a sequin bomber and a metallic midi skirt. Yes beloved, today’s look is actually what I recently wore to work. Not a night out with the girls or a concert on South street, this was worn to the office.

By now you know that my employers have gotten rid of our strict business dress code.  Instead, we now have a wear what you feel atmosphere. Denim is no longer limited to Casual Friday and neither are sneakers. So I’d say I am well within compliance. The awesome thing about this new dress code is that I’m rediscovering my creativity. I woke up and decided I wanted to wear my sequin bomber jacket. Then I built an entire outfit around that piece. Can you believe this vintage jacket was a gift from my bestie in high school?! There are times when I want the jacket alone to be the focal point but this wasn’t one of them.

Instead of just wearing a pair of jeans with the jacket I opted to finally pop the tag on this beautiful pleated midi skirt. It’s been collecting dust in my closet since October but the weather is finally warm enough to give it a go. The skirt is paper thin and practically sheer. When I wear it in the Fall I’ll definitely need tights underneath. The hardest decision regarding this look was choosing my top. A white shirt seemed too predictable and a graphic tee was overkill. I decided a plain gray sweatshirt was the perfect mix of casual cool. The neutral color brings out the gray in the fish scale pattern of the sequin bomber jacket. It also allows for the blue color in both the skirt and jacket to be seen. However, my primary reason for the gray shirt was so I could wear these pom-pom sneakers, lol.

Don’t hate, but I found these babies on the clearance rack for just $10! They slip on so you know they’re super comfy. The faux suede fabric is easy to clean and the furry pom-poms are a trend I’ve always secretly wanted to try. I love seeing the contrast of such a bold jacket and elegant pleated skirt against a casual sweat shirt and sneakers. The pieces can all stand alone but they don’t clash or overpower each other. It was a risk but I went ahead and added some statement jewelry to finish the look. Why not? If you’re gonna do the most then do it hunny. Here’s to all the extra ladies slaying sidewalks everyday. I see you boo, XO.

Jacket//Vintage , Shirt//H&M , Skirt//Zara , Sneakers//Kmart , Jewelry//Burlington Coat Factory

Copper Jacket + Striped Track Pants

Lately, I haven’t paid much attention to seasonal trends. In times past I would’ve had at least three posts about 2018 spring trends by now. Which colors are in or out. What fabrics are current. What to stop wearing. Which designers are on the cutting edge, etc… Instead I’ve been more focused on getting back to my own “happy place” of style. This means wearing what I want and trying new combinations. Today’s combo features a cropped copper jacket and striped track pants.

I’ve had this jacket for years. It sits in the back of my closet and rarely sees the light of day. Which is odd considering my love for all things metallic or sequined. If I’m being honest I just plain forget about the darn thing. It’s not until I’m cleaning out my closet that I stumble upon this jacket and think, “Oh yeah! I should wear this”. Now that it’s back in my sights I’ll definitely keep it in rotation. Maybe throw it over a cocktail dress for date night, or wear it with denim. I’ll be sure to post future ensembles.

Although I haven’t been to H&M in months (thanks to that whole ‘monkey in the jungle’ fiasco) I saw these striped track pants on my last visit. As soon as I saw the wide leg and high waist I squealed. Not to mention the hint of pastel purple and copper in the stripe itself. Sure you can barely see it, but against the jacket it works! It was the glittery fabric that sealed the deal for me; it adds the right amount of extra. So after years of collecting dust in my closet this jacket finally sees the sun. I paused for a moment before shooting this look thinking: Would this be more appropriate for evening wear? Maybe. But who cares?!

Jacket//H&M , Pants//H&M , Shoes//Ross , Earrings//Burlington Coat Factory

Velvet Lace Slip Dress

Long time no blog, huh? Pardon my absence loves, your girl has been doing some serious soul searching. I’ve been thinking about the direction of the blog and the content I’ll produce for the remainder of 2018. Not to mention finding a consistent photographer. I’m so grateful that Hubby and sister have held me down these last three and a half years. However, I’d be selfish to monopolize all of their free time by insisting they follow me around Philly. This month I’ve reconnected with Adam Martin for some brand new #ootd looks I think you’ll love, starting with this velvet lace slip dress!

Temperatures are still in the forties. Snow is still on the ground in some places so I’m in no hurry to pack away my warm clothes. However, I can still transition into spring by layering. I purchased this velvet slip dress back in December to wear to a holiday dinner party. I love all things velvet but the fact that both the neckline and hem are trimmed in lace made this dress a must-have. The sheer floral design pops against the black velvet and allows the dress to easily transition from winter to spring.

I knew I wanted to mix masculine and feminine with this dress. I chose a leather motorcycle jacket and gray derby hat to contrast my lace tights and high heel ankle boots. Adding a plain turtleneck underneath kept me from entirely freezing my butt off as we shot in the Jeweler’s Row section of Old City. The neon signs and gritty backdrop add another dimension of city chic to this look that I absolutely love. This is one of many shoots to come where I am challenging myself to get out of my artistic rut and stop playing safe.

One of the best things about this dress is that I can totally wear it with sandals and a wrap come holiday season or dress it down with sneakers and a denim jacket. Nothing makes me happier than getting the most out of my clothes. Leave me a comment below and tell me how you’d style this dress.

Jacket//Kmart , Dress//Marshall’s , Tights//Target , Shoes//Ross

Sequin Knits + Leather Jeans

Don’t be fooled, basic is not always a bad thing. Take today’s outfit for instance. Originally, I’d planned to shoot this look with a black fur vest but realized I’d forgotten the vest when hubbs and I reached our location.

Do I skip the shoot and just head to work or do I shoot regardless and remain authentic? I decided to shoot as planned and I’m so glad I did. While the fur vest would’ve added a little drama to this look, I improvised by substituting my hat and scarf.

The sequins on my knitwear was the perfect compliment to my rhinestone studded ankle boots. These eye catching accessories pop against the plain white turtleneck and black leather jeans. By adding some mirrored shades and a fun purse I’m anything but ordinary.

Next time you’re feeling drab add your favorite accessory and slay!

Top//Uniqlo , Pants//Marshall’s , Shoes//Pleaser , Knits//Betsy Johnson , Purse//Diamond Collection

Purple Shawl + Maroon Boots

Lately I’ve been all about jewel tones in both my fashion and makeup. Although color palate rules are no longer a “thing” anymore, I certainly still get a rush from wearing these shades in colder months.

Today’s look was entirely pieced together around this beautiful printed shawl. The deep purple color looks absolutely beautiful in the rich velvet. The sheer abstract floral pattern adds another dimension of color.

In similar fashion to my last shawl ensemble, I kept things simple by pairing it with jeans and a turtleneck. However, saw this as the perfect opportunity to wear my maroon over the knee boots.

Faux suede never looked so good, lol. Hope you’re enjoying your day loves, catch you later!

Shawl//Marshall’s , Top//Uniqlo , Jeans//H&M , Boots//Liliana

Mink + Velvet

You’d have to be living on a deserted island not to notice that velvet is THE fabric of the season. Sandals, sweats, tees, boots… it’s everywhere, and it’s functional. Few fabrics just ooze luxury and take me back to Joan Collins Dynasty era glam like velvet.

A while back I scored this velvet faux-wrap dress from Burlington Coat Factory while searching for the perfect dress for a Christmas party. The party was canceled shortly after but this dress was mine to slay. I’m in love with way the rich hunter green color looks on my skin tone. The soft velvet gathers beautifully across the waist and drapes along the left leg.

I decide to go full on eighties vibes and add my vintage chestnut mink jacket and vintage chain link purse. Instead of the usual black pump I took a risk and opted for black lycra boots  and added gold earrings to finish the look. I totally plan on wearing this again for a visit to the Opera. What say you, how would you style a similar dress? Leave a comment below!

Dress//Calvin Klein , Jacket//Saga Furs , Boots//Anne Michelle

Dark denim + Plaid Stole

I generally love the beauty and festivity of the holidays, especially during the winter. I enjoyed this past holiday season for many reasons. I spent Thanksgiving indoors and under covers cuddling my husband. We decided against turkey dinner in favor of dry rub barbecue. No dinner hopping from one house to another, just the two of us and a slew of movies. Surprisingly no one protested or made a fuss. I guess it was to be expected, being newlyweds and all.  Christmas was also a treat because we opted for a Christmas Eve lunch at one of our favorite restaurants instead of a traditional pot luck dinner on Christmas day.

After lunch we took some time to explore center city Philadelphia and take a tour of Christmas Village, the city’s beautiful outdoor holiday market modeled after traditional Christmas markets in Germany. Over 80 booths comprise the village with everything from Belgian waffles and bratwurst to hand crafted ornaments and jewelry. This year I saw more diversity among the merchants including some African skin care lines. It was definitely a wonderful way to spend time with one another, begin new family traditions, and make pleasant memories with our 11 year old daughter.

While I had plenty of cider and cocoa to keep me warm I still opted for jeans instead of a dress. I used one of my favorite plaid blanket scarves as the focal point and just layered from there. I paired this red silk top with dark denim skinnies and my black riding boots. This blanket scarf is advertised as a two-way stole but I’m sure I can think additional ways to style this piece. This was the perfect outfit for a day of exploring. I like to think that it was a great introduction to a new season and that it set the tone for a beautiful 2018. How did you spend your holiday? Tell me in the comments below!

Scarf//Uniqlo , Blouse/Jeans//H&M , Boots//Clark’s

Floral Shawl + OTK Boots

Velvet has always been a winter fashion “do” in my book, but there’s no denying that the fabric has been trending everywhere this season. I picked up a few new velvet pieces this past fall to add to my collection. This velvet floral shawl is one of two from Marshall’s aka one of my favorite places. I love a good wrap, shawl, blanket scarf, etc. The colors in this shawl make it versatile. I can just as easily pair this with a slip dress for the spring!

I’ve been living in dark denim for the past month so I opted for a lighter wash to play off the blues in the pattern and added one of my go to cotton turtlenecks. Back in November your girl caught a killer sale on the Go Jane website and was able to bag four pairs of OTK (over the knee) boots for $100 bucks so I added these faux-suede babies for a little height.

The taupe color is the perfect neutral against the shawl. Since I hardly ever wear my navy blue suede hobo from Zara, I jumped at the chance to shoot it with this look. A few gold accessories with turquoise accents and I’m ready to go. How about you, have you added any velvet to your wardrobe this fall/winter?

Shawl//Marshall’s , Turtleneck//Uniqlo , Boots//Go Jane , Jeans/Jewelry//H&M , Bag//Zara

Printed Blouse + Peach Trousers

Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone and hopefully you’ve enjoyed your holiday. Hubby and I spent our first Thanksgiving (and Black Friday for that matter) in bed watching movies. We opted to barbecue instead of preparing a traditional turkey dinner, although we made sure to bake an apple pie.

It was the most relaxing two days I’ve had since out trip to Avalon and we were rested enough to spend the weekend out and about with our daughter. Now that fall is winding down the trees are full of colors and the grass is littered with leaves. I’ve been taking full advantage of nature’s photo ops by shooting blog pics in the neighborhood.

I chose a nearby park to shoot today’s look because the backdrop was perfect for my outfit. Rich warm colors always look sublime on brown skin so I decided to layer them. A dark brown v-neck underneath this sheer printed blouse really makes the colors stand out.

I then added a pair of loose peach trousers with an elastic hem to give a relaxed look. The earth tone accessories compliment these separates and make everything cohesive. Here’s to seeing another wonderful Thanksgiving and the start of a great week.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you did over the holiday, XO!

Cotton Shirt//Old Navy , Blouse//New York & Co , Pants/Jewelry//H&M , Shoes//Donald J. Pliner

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