The Macy’s Event

December 1, 2015




In August of this year I made a conscious decision to get out of the house and connect with other bloggers in real life, not just via social media. A week after this decision I received an email from Vicky Taylor, manager of the Origins shop here in Philly’s Center City Macy’s. A beauty blogger and makeup artist herself, Vicky reached out to fellow Philly bloggers to participate in an upcoming event. For the first time ever Macy’s was hosting a City Essentials Workshop where local bloggers would give customers expert advice on hair care, beauty, and fashion. The answer to my prayer was right in my inbox so without hesitation, I agreed.

Fast forward to November 14th and the workshop was here, just in time to kick off my birthday week. I was joined by the following fabulous locals:

  • Marisa Peal – licensed cosmetologist and creator of
  • Bryce Lennon – illustrator and creator of
  • Keiana Armani – stylist and creator of

Each blogger delivered a very informative presentation. Bryce gave us a full F/W ’15 trend report for the hottest in menswear. Keiana did the same for the ladies, while also giving valuable tips on how to extend the life of our pieces. Marisa spilled all the tea on her favorite Origins skincare and makeup products. Lastly, I discussed the winter essentials EVERY woman should have in her wardrobe (to be discussed in a later style post). The event was a success. As the newest blogger in the lineup, I’m grateful to have been a part of something fresh and new!

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