My Goals for 2016

January 15, 2016



Happy Friday everyone!

We are currently halfway through the first month of this new year and to be honest, I started the year with no clue of what I wanted. All I could think about was recovering from last year. That was my one goal. It’s taken me a little longer than I’d hoped but I finally have some clarity and a vision for the year ahead. I have six goals, five I’ll share publicly with you all.

  1. Healthy mind & body – This should go without saying but I actually don’t take care of my health like I should. After spending literally half of 2014 in the hospital or on laid up in bed due to kidney stones and infections, I should have made radical dietary changes. While I started off strong in 2015, by mid year I slipped back into old habits of high salt and sugar consumption. Not to mention stress and financial issues meant I wasn’t sleeping well. This time around, I want both mind and body to be in alignment. Daily prayer and exercise this year are nonnegotiable.
  2. Get my Driver’s License – I really have no explanation for why this goal wasn’t accomplished at age sixteen other than pure laziness. At thirty-two years of age I’ve had plenty of time to achieve this goal. Time to stop stalling and just do it already!
  3. Clear credit card debt – The reason 2015 was so rough was largely due to the debt I’d accumulated the two years before. Unexpected medical expenses along with already increasing credit card debt all compounded at once. Not to mention recent student loan wage garnishment this past fall. Listen loves, ain’t nothing glamorous about looking good while being flat broke. This ends now!
  4. Plan 4 Getaways – I know what you’re thinking, “Girl, if you broke stay ya butt home!” I totally get it, but by getaway I don’t mean a trip to Australia. Instead maybe a weekend in Atlantic City or a trip to New York or Boston. Yes folks, I fully intend to pay off my debt AND get my Groupon on in 2016.
  5. Earn at least 5K Blogging – Of all the goals on my list, this seems like the most impossible. It’s something that I know nothing about and something that terrifies me to death. Which is exactly why I refuse to take this off the list. I love blogging and I know that I haven’t even scratched the surface of what Sing Pray Shop can truly become. I look forward to growing with you all as a woman, blogger, and even entrepreneur in this year ahead!

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