Earth Tones

April 20, 2016



Maybe it’s the anemia or the fact that I’m a church girl but I still wear tights and stockings. Call it retro, old fashioned, or whatever else I simply don’t care. I say this because today’s look sparked a conversation among my coworkers and I about whether tights are chic or shabby.

It was interesting to sit back and listen to everyone’s opinion. It reminded me of the local fieldwork assignments I’d have in undergrad as an Anthropologist. Listening, observing, taking notes… The older the coworker the more inclined she was to wear them, even on a daily basis. It was seen as inappropriate or risqué to be bare legged in the office.

While the Baby Boomers were calling stockings and tights foundational pieces, some of the Gen X women were more progressive. However, the overwhelming majority of my fellow millennial coworkers felt stockings were the spawn of Satan. An absolute fashion restriction. Tights were tthought only to be worn when cold weather requires such a covering. This is in sharp contrast to the older women I spoke to, most of whom were in stockings themselves.

In any case, I love a good fashion experiment and a good pair of tights lol! I’ve paired these tan tights with a lovely faux wrap dress and simple cardigan for the office. By adding my trench and a pair of neutral heels, the earth tones in my dress pop and I especially love the graphic print. So listen, I’m dying to know, are stockings chic or shabby to you??

Dress & Cardigan//H&M , Trench//DKNY , Shoes//Donald Pliner , Bag//Rampage , Sunnies//Smak Parlour 


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