Graphic Bodycon Dress

May 5, 2016



So I could’ve sworn yesterday was Sunday but apparently it’s Thursday you guys (insert emoji with the droopy eyes). This week has been a busy blur as I’ve moved back home and have a ton to unpack (more on this at a later date). I am also sure I’ve been unrecognizable in these streets because I haven’t been feeling well. Nevertheless, it’s time to get my meds, my lipstick, and get my life before the weekend.

Today I’ve decided to ber grown and pull out a bodycon dress but don’t worry, I added a longline blazer for the office. Shame on any woman trying to pass a freakum dress off as business casual by adding a fitted blazer… #GirlBye Although form fitting throughout, the length of the hemline and the blazer make this wearable for work.

This is an easy day to night look for an evening dinner…too bad I work evening shift, ha! Stay classy loves, talk to you soon, XO!

Dress//Burlington , Blazer//H&M , Shoes//Zara , Bag//Rampage 

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