Wool Cardigan + Gray Ankle Boots

April 1, 2016



Happy Friday! Hope all is well with you, I’ve had a busy week full of budget setting and venue hunting in preparation for the big day. Let me tell you ladies, it just got REAL, lol!

I’ve had six weeks of sheer shock and “omg am I really engaged” moments and now I’ve crossed over into “yo…what’s the budget for this jawn”. Needless to say, I will keep you all posted during the process.

So umm…. This March weather? Like, I just can’t you guys. One day it’s 70 degrees and sunny, the next it’s 40 and raining. Gotta love spring right?

Anyways, today’s look is my remedy for such sporadic weather. It tends to be chilly in the early morning and evening but warm throughout the afternoon.

So I decided to rock a heavy cardigan and some ankle boots to keep me warm…add some skinnies and I’m weekend ready. Have a great one loves, see you next week, XO!

Cardigan//Vintage , Top & Jeans//H&M , Shoes//Zara 

Glasses//Uptown Swank Boutique 


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