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One Month to Love: Acting Intentionally

Previously in our devotional study we learned how to give those in our circle the undivided attention they deserve by being present in every moment and actively listening to what’s being said. In week two, we now focus on the intentional actions needed to foster deep connections. This inquiry raises one question in particular…

Is your life too crowded? 

Have you become such a slave to your to-do lists and your demanding work or school schedule that you’ve completely neglected to spend real time with the people closest to you? The truth is, you don’t have time to do everything that everyone wants you to do, and you never will. However, you do have time for the important things… which is building our closest relationships. We must intentionally create space for these relationships to grow by not overcrowding our days with busy work, and taking time with God, family, & close friends.

Remove the obstacles. 

For many of us, this Thanksgiving will be the first time we’ve actually spent real quality time with our families. In our frantic dash to buy ingredients from the markets and bake the necessary pies, we’ve lost sight of what the holiday is actually about. To intentionally create space, we need to prioritize who gets our precious time. Family first… everyone else is second. Allow God to divinely interrupt your regularly scheduled program. After all an “annoying” interruption, is often God’s way of slowing us down to show us what’s really important to Him & Us!

Pass it On: A Beautiful Legacy

Are you truly beautiful or just a pretty corpse? Will you leave behind a collection of possessions or a legacy of love? As we come to the close of our Beauty Begins study these are the hard hitting questions posed to us by Chris & Megan Shook. Psalm 145:4 tells us that “Generation after generation stands in awe of your work; each one tells stories of your mighty acts.” From this we see that we’re prompted to share the good news of God’s love and power to the next generation. Also, it becomes evident that OUR story needs to be told. Each of us is the main charachter in the story of our lives. To many of us, we feel our story has too many bad characters, loose ends, plot twists, etc.. However, these are exactly the things that make any novel thrilling! The great eternal author of time is writting a classic concerning you, a stroy of triumph to be shared for ages. Allow your testimony to encourage the next generation of beautiful women.

As I get older, I have began to truly give thought to my direction in life and whether I am really making a positive impact on those around me. Am I on a hamster wheel constantly running a race against time? Are my dreams mere fantasies or seeds planted in my spirit by God to bear fruit? Even now as I approach marriage next year I’m reevaluating my life. Have I gotten so consumed with being a fly fashion blogger that I’ve lost the sing & pray of Sing Pray Shop? I have now come to realize true beauty begins with the way I live, not with what I look like. My body is much different now than when I was a teen. This body will continue to morph repeatedly as I grow older. I dare not place my value on something so temporal as my figure or my clothing!

This study of Godly beauty has strengthened my resolve to live a life of love and passion for others. There is nothing wrong with loving fashion, makeup, jewelry, or even pursing careers in those fields if the Lord leads. However, I refuse to make an idol of those things or allow my own self occupation to pull me away from my first love…Christ. Even as a fashion blogger, I am most beautiful when I am serving God by loving others. This earthly vessel is never more radiant than when I’m in His will, living out the story He’s written just for me! XO – KIRA

You’re Invited

Ask any farmer and they’ll tell you that one small seed is capable of producing a very big harvest. In this same way each of us have the power to plant seeds of faith, hope, and love to the people God has placed in our lives. Our job is to plant, the Lord will send the water.

Last week we finished “You’re Invited”chapter 6 of our You Are Loved devotional. In this lesson Angela shared the beautiful story of her mother Diana’s salvation. Raised by parents who hadn’t experienced Christ’s redemptive power, Diana received her invitation to discipleship from her childhood friend Peggy. Peggy’s mother was a godly woman who lived a righteous life before her daughter, thus teaching her to extend the gospel of Christ to others. In the seemingly small everyday tasks of being a wife and mother Peggy’s mom changed Diana’s life!

  1. In what ways can you be obedient to God right now in the mundane tasks of your life? Working evening shift means that I have more time before work to devote to spiritual, physical, and professional development. I’ve totally been slacking when it comes to prioritizing my time and maximizing my day. Making these changes will also help me be more present at work and operate in a spirit of excellence on the job.
  2. What are some ways God is calling you to be a light for Him in your community? Most of my day is spent at work, thus making this the primary field in which I can sow. I work in a call center with a fast paced, high stress environment. As a result many of my coworkers are consumed by worry and anxiety. More than ever I often feel the Holy Spirit reminding me to be a voice of encouragement and peace. To wisely insert the Jehovah Shalom wherever he is needed. To live a consistent life before others so that God gets all the glory.
  3. Who can you be a “Peggy’s Mom” to in your life? In what ways can you intentionally introduce them to God? As I prepare to marry my fiancé I am also preparing to become a mother to his daughter. My desire is to live a life that shows her how to be a virtuous, loving, spirit led woman who is determined to live for Christ. Loving her as my own daughter and allowing her to see God’s love in action is a wonderful way to introduce her to Christ.

As you can see, all it takes is a seed. You and I have been put on this earth to be living witnesses who can attest to the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. Let’s always strive to plant seeds wherever we go and allow them to take root that God would produce a harvest for the kingdom. Today we begin week 7 entitled “Loving is our Kingdom Work” below are this week’s meditation scriptures along with the memory verse. God bless everyone, happy Monday!



You Can Trust Him

What is trust? Webster’s dictionary defines trust (n) as: “assured reliance on the character, strength, truth of someone or something.” Trust is said to be hard to earn but easily lost. However, when it comes to our relationship with the Lord, we must remember that He is not like man. He is faithful and merciful, even when His methods are mysterious. With this in mind, let’s review a few reflection questions from last week.

  1. How has God been faithful to you in the past? God’s fingerprints are all over my life. Looking back, I can plainly see how He has protected me from unseen danger and heartache. One of the most crucial seasons of my life was during college when my faith and my intelligence was constantly in question. Somehow, God kept his hand on me and I was able to graduate without losing my moral compass.
  2. How does realizing nothing can touch you that doesn’t first come through God help you trust Him? It reassures me that no matter what I am facing the outcome is victorious as long as my faith is in Him. Even things I don’t understand have to work in my favor.
  3. Who has God placed in your life to help you through the hard paths you’ve had to walk? All covenant relationships must be tested. As a result my closest friends are vetted and have been a source of strength and love. Also, my parents ate the most pivotal people in my life. Their flaws and strengths are both vital to my development. Godly parents aren’t perfect, just perfect for their child.

Friend, if you’re facing a season of loss, disappointment, or betrayal please know that with God, your story is always being rewritten to bring Him glory. You are not alone and you are not defeated!

As usual, Monday we began a new chapter, lesson six “You’re Invited”. The focus of this week is sharing God’s love with family and friends. I hope you are finding the lesson helpful; feel free to update me on your progress. Here are this week’s meditation scriptures…

God Loves You

Can you believe we’re now half way through our devotional series for this quarter? It feels like just yesterday we were screaming “Happy New Year!” I pray this series has been a blessing thus far. In last week’s lesson “God Loves You” , author Angela Perritt used the development of her relationship with her husband Dirk as an example of God’s healing love in action. Plagued by the embarrassment and isolation of having a learning disorder Angela hid behind a facade of perfection while building a wall around her heart. Her biggest fear was that Dirk would discover her secret and leave her alone and ashamed. To her surprise, after her tearful confession, Dirk only loved her through the fear and the two became even closer. Their story reminds us that we do not have to be perfect to be perfectly loved. We are made perfect in Christ and His love transforms! Here are my personal reflections on this lesson:

  1. How has God used “thorns” in your life to help cave you into His image? Angela’s disorder was surely a thorn for her–something she’d often prayed God would take away for good so she could finally be used for His glory. However, her greatest “flaw” was the very thing God used to showcase His ability to make all things beautiful. The thorns in my own life have kept me humble…teachable. They remind me of my need for a Savior, my need for help, & my need for total dependence on God.
  2. To what lies concerning God’s love for you are you currently listening? The lies that I am not good enough, righteous enough, holy enough, pure enough, bold enough, smart enough, etc… are just some of the lies that make me feel unqualified for God’s use. As a human shaped in iniquity, I will never be “perfect” in terms of being completely void of mistake and error. However, perfection has never been a prerequisite for God to use anyone. Neither David, Peter, Mary Magdalene, or Martha were perfect (and that’s just a handful) but their hearts were sincere and they lived a life of prayer, faith, repentance, and commitment to the Lord.
  3. Looking at Matthew 11:28-29, what are some burdens you’ve been carrying that Christ never intended for you to carry? This is a big one for me, and I suspect for all of us as women. I am certainly guilty of allowing the problems of others to affect me personally. It’s one thing to be filled with compassion & have a healing/counseling ministry, but it’s another to be consumed by the issues of others to the point you take on their sorrow and depression. I often feel responsible for the burdens of others. I also get burdened by the belief that I must control all the details of my life–I must have it all figured out. I also carry the weight of others’ opinions about me.

As you can see, these burdens are exactly what we should be releasing to God. Hebrews 4:15-16 shows us that our high priest Jesus knows exactly how it feels to live this human experience. He knows how it feels to be afraid, lonely, uncertain, angry, hurt, etc… and he empathizes with us because He’s been there! This means we can go to Him in prayer with confidence and in honesty. Believing He will extend grace and mercy to us, God’s beloved. Take courage today knowing you are not alone; and while you may not be perfect, He is! Here are this week’s meditation scriptures to get you through this week. Talk to you soon, XO!

The Rival

Happy Tuesday loves!

Forgive me for this late post, Monday was cray cray and I’m overdue on my reflections from last week’s lesson. Week three we read about Sally Clarkson’s introduction to her eternal enemy, Satan, and his desire to devour all of us who are Christians. A newly converted young woman in college, Sally’s excitement about Jesus begins to fade as thoughts of judgment and criticism soon played on repeat in her mind. As a result, the reflection questions asked us to dig deep and examine the lies we’ve believed from the enemy about ourselves. Here are my two favorite:

  1. What voices are in your heart and head accusing you? For me, it’s the voices that constantly tell me I’m not good enough. That I’m not smart enough to be a medical professional, let alone fulfill my dream of being a doctor. Then there is the voice of fear always looking for the worst to happen.
  2. Do you understand loving yourself is a part of your spiritual worship to God? What do you need to address to do so? By addressing my negative feelings and silencing the devil’s suggestions immediately, I can keep my focus on God’s word and His promises. He loves me totally. I don’t have to dress a certain way, hang with the cool crowd, or have a specific personality type to have His approval. By abandoning the superficial standards of this world, I can be free of comparison, anxiety, and fear.

Week three was a much needed reminder for us as women to find our validation in Jesus Christ, not man. I pray that it inspires you to realize your true worth and reign as the Princess of the King. Below is this week’s memory verse and the meditation scriptures for the week. Until next time, XOXO!

Knowing God

Happy Monday loves!

We’ve finished “Knowing God”, week two of our You Are Loved eight week devotional series as of Friday. In this chapter Angela Perritt used the development of her relationship with Dirk, her husband, as an example of building a relationship with God. Angela does a beautiful job of reminding us that getting to know Jesus is intentional. Developing a strong relationship, whether romantic or friendly, takes time. One must be purposeful and deliberate while doing so. Angela and Dirk gradually deepened their friendship and eventually became exclusive, meaning they were only involved with one another…no side pieces. This type of intimate relationship requires vulnerability and honesty. God desires such intimacy with us, the objects of His affection. I was challenged by this week’s devotion to pursue God even more and designate quality time with the one who loves me most. Although we had seven reflection questions this week, I’ve decided to share my thoughts on these three:

  1. Knowing the truth of 2Tim 3:16, why should we read God’s word on a daily basis for ourselves? It’s one thing to hear a sermon or read a devotional, but nothing compares to first hand knowledge of God’s word for myself. The Bible is the written expression of God’s will and His character. It’s His blueprint for humanity and one of the believers’ greatest resources. We can always find comfort & guidance in His word.
  2. How does it change your outlook on God when you realize that He extends His mercy and grace to us when we approach Him? Jesus, having become human, can sympathize with our weaknesses and relate to our temptations. He is now our advocate with the Father, and our savior, and elder brother.  As a result, I am less afraid to approach God the Father. I’m less likely to stay away from Him or His presence out of shame and condemnation. When I remember His mercies are new each day and that I am His beloved, I come to Him as a child. I come as His daughter, not His peasant slave.
  3. What are some ways you can choose to slow down your life so that you can “be still” before our Lord? In the hustle and bustle of our crazy lives it’s easy to get swept up in emails, projects, duties, and entertainment. I am personally still trying to balance blogging with work and yet maintain healthy relationships with God & others. I believe that by yielding the start of my day to the Lord, routinely unplugging from technology, and not becoming consumed with social media I can slow down & be still in God’s presence.

Knowing God may seem like an impossible feat but it’s certainly easier than we think. By moving him out of the friend zone and making Him bae, we can all build the strong, loving, lasting relationship He desires!

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