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Trousers + Trainers

If you’re an 80’s baby like me then you remember growing up and seeing women, possibly even your mom, walking the streets in business attire and sneakers. I’m talking full on power suits paired with scrunchy socks and Reebok Classics. Nothing says “I’m a working mom” like a Clinton pant suit with a pair of LA Gears.

Today’s look isn’t nearly as dramatic but consider it a nod to my childhood because I’m wearing a pair of my designated work pants with my favorite weekend sneakers. I admit these geometric print trousers are usually worn with a button down and a stiletto but let’s face it – that gets very boring.

As you know, I’m always looking for new ways to style a sweatshirt so this pastel pink was the perfect addition. A bold necklace and cat eye sunnies mean I’m out the door and ready for work. This is the perfect hump day/ I have horrible cramps/ I’ll be eating carbs and comfort food ensemble lol.

So what do you think, did our moms do it better?

Shirt/Pants/Jewelry// all H&M , Shoes//Nike

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