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Fuschia Sweater + Satin Boots

As a reward to those who have donated to the Philly Jingle Bell Run it’s jeans week at the office. Although I no longer own enough pairs of jeans to actually last me all week, I’m still excited to participate. As much as I love dressing up, there are still days when all you want to do is throw on some denimn and get going.

Since it isn’t Friday just yet I’ve decided to dress up my jeans today and add a bold color. This fuschia sweater has litrally been in my closet since about 12th grade. I swear to you! I love the satin buttons and the rolled collar.

Although it comes with a satin sash belt to tie around the middle, I opted to lose the belt and add a large printed scarf as my statement piece. Now if you thought the sweater was old, these satin boots are even older. I received these babies as a Christmas gift from my stylish grandmother back in 10th grade! She purchased them from Parade of Shoes, which is no longer in business.

I’ve started to sell these boots on numerous occasions but something always holds me back… namely their comfort. Shoes that are comfortable are a priority for me and these definitely deliver. Hope your week has been kind to you thus far, happy Wednesday loves!

Sweater//Charlotte Russe , Jeans//H&M , Scarf//H&M , Shoes//Vintage 

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