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Moto Jacket + Ripped Denim

In the process of tossing out all of my jeans since I can no longer fit them, something told me to try on this pair of black jeans one more time. Purchased at Buffalo Exchange here in Philly, they’d never been worn and it was killing me to toss them. Much to my surprise they fit after all and thus we have today’s post.

Obviously my introduction was way more dramatic than necessary but hey, it’s my blog I do what I want. Sorting through my denim I realized that I’ve bought lots of denim over the years only to wear the same four pairs repeatedly. What a waste of money!

This time around I’ve started with a few foundational pairs in different washes and just a couple ripped pairs for fun. No need in an extensive denim collection when I spend 80% of my week in business casual. Cheers to getting rid of excess. Have a killer day loves! XO

Jacket//Zara , Shirt//H&M , Jeans//Forever 21 , Shoes//Sam Edelman , Purse//Rampage , Jewelry//Burlington 

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