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2016 Style Star: Zendaya

This year I am introducing a new annual post in which I reveal my personal choice for overall style from the previous year. While 2016 is a memory some have chosen to forget, the year saw some fabulous fashion from the likes of Rihanna and Alicia Vikander, both of whom made my final four. However, it was First Lady Michelle Obama who stayed at the top of my list as I reviewed top fashion moments from last year. The First Lady’s style has always managed to be modern yet classic, but in this last year of the Obama administration she came to slay (see this fabulous sequin gown below).

Apart of me feels like a low key traitor for not simply crowning the First Lady as queen if for no other reason than I may never see such a graceful Black woman in the White House again… but I’ve chosen to go with my gut. My choice for 2016 Style Star is none other than 20 year old Oakland, California native Zendaya Coleman.

The young former Disney star is a true tripple threat: actress, singer, and dancer who has managed to gracefully evolve from child star to millenial fashionista, all while staying fashion forward and socially conscious. Long time stylist Law Roach has described Zendaya as fearless, one who doesn’t follow trends; which is precisely why I love the young muse. In a sea of purchased parts and bra and panty sets beneath sheer bodycon dresses, Zendaya dares to dress deliberately.

Miss Coleman is known for paying homage to the style icons that have come before her and as a result, I often find myself secretly looking forward to what she’ll wear on a red carpet or (I can’t believe I’m admitting this) to an event like the Teen Choice Awards. Zendaya’s method is actually very  common among those hailed as stylish women: wear what you like. In her case it tends to be clothing that allows her to express her emerging adulthood without being too risqué.

It also doesn’t hurt that her statuesque figure is a favorite among designers like Ungaro and Vivienne Westwood. At such a young age I am sincerly looking forward to her continued style evolution and may even purchase a few pieces from her clothing line Daya by Zendaya. There you have it, my choice for 2016. Comment below and tell me who’s your personal favorite style star!

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