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Floral Shawl + OTK Boots

Velvet has always been a winter fashion “do” in my book, but there’s no denying that the fabric has been trending everywhere this season. I picked up a few new velvet pieces this past fall to add to my collection. This velvet floral shawl is one of two from Marshall’s aka one of my favorite places. I love a good wrap, shawl, blanket scarf, etc. The colors in this shawl make it versatile. I can just as easily pair this with a slip dress for the spring!

I’ve been living in dark denim for the past month so I opted for a lighter wash to play off the blues in the pattern and added one of my go to cotton turtlenecks. Back in November your girl caught a killer sale on the Go Jane website and was able to bag four pairs of OTK (over the knee) boots for $100 bucks so I added these faux-suede babies for a little height.

The taupe color is the perfect neutral against the shawl. Since I hardly ever wear my navy blue suede hobo from Zara, I jumped at the chance to shoot it with this look. A few gold accessories with turquoise accents and I’m ready to go. How about you, have you added any velvet to your wardrobe this fall/winter?

Shawl//Marshall’s , Turtleneck//Uniqlo , Boots//Go Jane , Jeans/Jewelry//H&M , Bag//Zara

Marble Fur + Bronze Boots

Rise and grind loves! If you’re anything like yours truly, you’ve watched the New Edition Story about three times and NE greatest hits have been in heavy rotation on your Spotify playlist. Now that all the older millennials have come home from our trip down memory lane it’s back to our regularly scheduled programs.

Since I spent most of the weekend trying to avoid this cold/flu/plague that’s been circulating snatching everyone around me, I’ve decided to bundle up.

Today’s entire outfit was planned with this coat in mind. This “marble” faux fur is about ten years old and holds a special place in my heart since it was purchased from Daffy’s, one of my all time favorite stores.

Although they’re no long in Philly, this coat will forever bring back great memories. Underneath, I’ve kept it simple with a camel turtleneck and black skinnies. Bronze over the knee boots put the final nail in the coffin.

Who else is ready to “kill it” on a Monday?

Coat// DKNY , Top&Pants//H&M , Boots//Dudes , Handbag//Rampage , Watch//Jacot

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