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Ankara Skirt + Head Wrap

Recently I decided to take a stroll through Penn Center Suburban Station here in Philly and browse through the shops. There I discovered the CeCe Boutique. To be honest, I’m sure I’ve passed by many times before in my way to work but had never been inside.

However, this time the most beautiful skirts and wraps were visible from the window and I just had to stop. Today’s look features one of the two sets I purchased that day. Ankara designs are made using an Indonesian dye technique called batik on which cotton is waxed in such a way that the colors don’t spread across the entire fabric.

This creates the beautiful designs we see. This process, although developed in Indonesia and used by the Dutch, was made wildly popular in West Africa where the style eventually became exclusively associated with that region.

While many have begun wearing Ankara and other African inspired clothing as trendy, I pause before wearing anything of serious cultural importance unless I have a clear understanding of the ceremonial garb. These designs however,  are made to be globally shared.

I must say I’ve fallen in love with this style of dress. I especially like that the headwrap doubles as a bandeau top, which is perfect for our summer heat waves and trips to the beach. So how about you, have you worn Ankara fabric? If so, how are you styling yours?

Plaid + Polka Dots

Happy Friday loves! We prayed for the weather to shift and didn’t God answer our prayer? Won’t He do it?!! I normally hate anything over 80 degrees but God is teaching to stop complaining, especially after the winter we’ve had recently. Now I can finally pack up my sweaters and pull out my spring/summer wardrobe without fear of waking up to an arctic chill again.


Although it’s casual Friday at work, 90 degrees is just too hot for jeans in my opinion, so I’ve decided to have some fun. Dressed in head to toe Zara, I’m mixing prints and adding a pop of color! I’m not one for polka dot…which is exactly why I challenged myself to leave my comfort zone. I’ve done it already by adding red to my wardrobe, so now it’s time for bold prints.

The top has zipper detailing with a slight flare at the hem, while the plaid skinny pants elongate my legs adding height. My trusty red shoe and some bold accessories are just what I need to kick off this holiday weekend. Enjoy your Friday, see you Monday XO!

Top//Zara , Pants//Zara , Shoes//Zara , Clutch//H&M , Bangles//H&M , Watch//Overstock

Cheetah + Leather


So this is what a true Spring feels like huh? I promise you I’ve experienced all of the seasons in the last 24 hours. We’ve gone from mild and sunny to wet and chilly repeatedly this week. To keep from totally getting sick, I’ve been wearing my trusty Zara moto jacket. It’s light enough for milder days and heavy enough for the chilly days which require a scarf. Between this and my trench, I’ll be set until Summer!


Today’s look is all about these cheetah print pants. Slim fit and ankle length, they are among the most comfortable pants I own. They are a thick cotton blend and the gold zipper detail in back adds a chic touch. I paired them with a black leather tee and gold accessories. I went with kitten heels for the office but I have a pair of stilettos in my desk in case this look inspires Bar to call an impromptu date night, lol… XO! 


Earth Tones

Maybe it’s the anemia or the fact that I’m a church girl but I still wear tights and stockings. Call it retro, old fashioned, or whatever else I simply don’t care. I say this because today’s look sparked a conversation among my coworkers and I about whether tights are chic or shabby.

It was interesting to sit back and listen to everyone’s opinion. It reminded me of the local fieldwork assignments I’d have in undergrad as an Anthropologist. Listening, observing, taking notes… The older the coworker the more inclined she was to wear them, even on a daily basis. It was seen as inappropriate or risqué to be bare legged in the office.

While the Baby Boomers were calling stockings and tights foundational pieces, some of the Gen X women were more progressive. However, the overwhelming majority of my fellow millennial coworkers felt stockings were the spawn of Satan. An absolute fashion restriction. Tights were tthought only to be worn when cold weather requires such a covering. This is in sharp contrast to the older women I spoke to, most of whom were in stockings themselves.

In any case, I love a good fashion experiment and a good pair of tights lol! I’ve paired these tan tights with a lovely faux wrap dress and simple cardigan for the office. By adding my trench and a pair of neutral heels, the earth tones in my dress pop and I especially love the graphic print. So listen, I’m dying to know, are stockings chic or shabby to you??

Dress & Cardigan//H&M , Trench//DKNY , Shoes//Donald Pliner , Bag//Rampage , Sunnies//Smak Parlour 


Leopard + Leather

It’s Friday. Praise the Lord!

Yesterday was the end of my work week and now I’m ready to relax, recharge, and binge watch House of Cards with my fiancé all day. Last season ended with a shocker that I’m still trying to recover from! So that’s my entire agenda for the day…in addition to laundry lol.

On the fashion front, today’s look is all about sass. I have only a few leopard pieces in my wardrobe, but I decided to break pout this rarely worn dolman sweater. I turned up the volume by pairing it with brown leather stretch pants. I have to say I was feeling myself, but hey, confidence is always a good look. Cheers to the weekend everyone, XO!

Top & Jewels //Macy’s, Pants//H&M, Shoes//Donald Pliner,Watch//Jacot 

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