Knowing God

February 23, 2016



Happy Monday loves!

We’ve finished “Knowing God”, week two of our You Are Loved eight week devotional series as of Friday. In this chapter Angela Perritt used the development of her relationship with Dirk, her husband, as an example of building a relationship with God. Angela does a beautiful job of reminding us that getting to know Jesus is intentional. Developing a strong relationship, whether romantic or friendly, takes time. One must be purposeful and deliberate while doing so. Angela and Dirk gradually deepened their friendship and eventually became exclusive, meaning they were only involved with one another…no side pieces. This type of intimate relationship requires vulnerability and honesty. God desires such intimacy with us, the objects of His affection. I was challenged by this week’s devotion to pursue God even more and designate quality time with the one who loves me most. Although we had seven reflection questions this week, I’ve decided to share my thoughts on these three:

  1. Knowing the truth of 2Tim 3:16, why should we read God’s word on a daily basis for ourselves? It’s one thing to hear a sermon or read a devotional, but nothing compares to first hand knowledge of God’s word for myself. The Bible is the written expression of God’s will and His character. It’s His blueprint for humanity and one of the believers’ greatest resources. We can always find comfort & guidance in His word.
  2. How does it change your outlook on God when you realize that He extends His mercy and grace to us when we approach Him? Jesus, having become human, can sympathize with our weaknesses and relate to our temptations. He is now our advocate with the Father, and our savior, and elder brother.  As a result, I am less afraid to approach God the Father. I’m less likely to stay away from Him or His presence out of shame and condemnation. When I remember His mercies are new each day and that I am His beloved, I come to Him as a child. I come as His daughter, not His peasant slave.
  3. What are some ways you can choose to slow down your life so that you can “be still” before our Lord? In the hustle and bustle of our crazy lives it’s easy to get swept up in emails, projects, duties, and entertainment. I am personally still trying to balance blogging with work and yet maintain healthy relationships with God & others. I believe that by yielding the start of my day to the Lord, routinely unplugging from technology, and not becoming consumed with social media I can slow down & be still in God’s presence.

Knowing God may seem like an impossible feat but it’s certainly easier than we think. By moving him out of the friend zone and making Him bae, we can all build the strong, loving, lasting relationship He desires!

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