The Rival

March 1, 2016



Happy Tuesday loves!

Forgive me for this late post, Monday was cray cray and I’m overdue on my reflections from last week’s lesson. Week three we read about Sally Clarkson’s introduction to her eternal enemy, Satan, and his desire to devour all of us who are Christians. A newly converted young woman in college, Sally’s excitement about Jesus begins to fade as thoughts of judgment and criticism soon played on repeat in her mind. As a result, the reflection questions asked us to dig deep and examine the lies we’ve believed from the enemy about ourselves. Here are my two favorite:

  1. What voices are in your heart and head accusing you? For me, it’s the voices that constantly tell me I’m not good enough. That I’m not smart enough to be a medical professional, let alone fulfill my dream of being a doctor. Then there is the voice of fear always looking for the worst to happen.
  2. Do you understand loving yourself is a part of your spiritual worship to God? What do you need to address to do so? By addressing my negative feelings and silencing the devil’s suggestions immediately, I can keep my focus on God’s word and His promises. He loves me totally. I don’t have to dress a certain way, hang with the cool crowd, or have a specific personality type to have His approval. By abandoning the superficial standards of this world, I can be free of comparison, anxiety, and fear.

Week three was a much needed reminder for us as women to find our validation in Jesus Christ, not man. I pray that it inspires you to realize your true worth and reign as the Princess of the King. Below is this week’s memory verse and the meditation scriptures for the week. Until next time, XOXO!

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