Rust Flares

February 1, 2019



You guys is it just me or was January that WORK?! I legit feel like I went thru an entire quarter in one month. As if I went back to work after surgery, blinked, and was transported to February. This month has been quite busy. Very productive, but busy nonetheless. Having completed my first month back at work I’ve really had to give myself extra time to get places. I haven’t been as diligent with my stretching and working out. As a result, I’m quite stiff and this cold weather we’ve had in Philly hasn’t helped. The low temps have my abdomen incredibly sore. The weight gain plus scar tissue combo means I’m unable to fit most of my clothes. Thankfully, stretch pants exist! Especially cute ones like these rust flares.

In full transparency, I have been wearing the same four sweatsuits to work since returning on Christmas eve. Having abdominal surgery will make you reevaluate all of your clothes. Somehow I have amassed a collection of pants and skirts that all seem irritating. My underwear is too low rise, my high waist pants squeeze too tight, my jeans don’t zip, & I’ve gained 12 pounds in post-op. Now before you roll your eyes and say “Girl, bye”, going from a size 4 to 8ish is a trip. I need to go shopping. On the bright side there are items in my closet that now fit.

I purchased these flares back in August. Worried that they’d be too tight I ordered a medium. They arrived and were actually loose in the waist and longer than expected. I still love the fit. High waisted and trim throughout with ribbing and a slight bell flare at the hem. The material is thin so you need to wear tights in fall/winter months. But these are super comfy and don’t leave me sore. I even nabbed a mustard yellow pair. Speaking of mustard, this soft turtleneck is the perfect companion to the rust colored pants.

I kept my accessories neutral with caramel aka brown girl nude pumps and purse. I also added my go to fall scarf of the same color. However, I didn’t play it safe with my outerwear. It’s cold enough for my wool coat of many colors. This is still my favorite thrifted purchase ever. I’ll be wearing this baby until Jesus returns. Good pieces are durable and fashion longevity is a plus.

I hope you are warm and cozy wherever you are. Talk to me! Let me know in the comments what items in your closet are there for good.

Coat//Vintage , Top//Uniqlo , Pants//Boohoo , Shoes//Donald J. Pliner, Purse//Ross

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