Month: April 2016

Moto Jacket + Ripped Denim

In the process of tossing out all of my jeans since I can no longer fit them, something told me to try on this pair of black jeans one more time. Purchased at Buffalo Exchange here in Philly, they’d never been worn and it was killing me to toss them. Much to my surprise they fit after all and thus we have today’s post.

Obviously my introduction was way more dramatic than necessary but hey, it’s my blog I do what I want. Sorting through my denim I realized that I’ve bought lots of denim over the years only to wear the same four pairs repeatedly. What a waste of money!

This time around I’ve started with a few foundational pairs in different washes and just a couple ripped pairs for fun. No need in an extensive denim collection when I spend 80% of my week in business casual. Cheers to getting rid of excess. Have a killer day loves! XO

Jacket//Zara , Shirt//H&M , Jeans//Forever 21 , Shoes//Sam Edelman , Purse//Rampage , Jewelry//Burlington 

Pleated Midi Skirt + Block Heels

Ever have a weekend that was both AMAZING and draining at the same time? Yeah, totally describes this past weekend. Wedding planning errands, packing, a concert Saturday, followed by church and blog work on Sunday makes for a very tired Kira today.Nonetheless, I’m stoked about this week and everything that’s in store for us!


Last week I came across a necklace that I was certain I’d lost. Since I tend to add a statement necklace to most of my outfits you can imagine the horror of temporarily misplacing this baby right here. Happy to be reunited, I paired it with a basic t-shirt and pleated midi skirt.

Normally, I wouldn’t have paired this look with my Aldo block heels, since they’re so similar to the skirt, but I love how this turned out! This skirt fits like a dream and these heels are super comfy, perfect for the office. Cheers to a happy Monday, let’s slay this week loves! XO

Shirt//H&M , Skirt//Forever 21 , Necklace//Burlington , Shoes//Aldo 

Earth Tones

Maybe it’s the anemia or the fact that I’m a church girl but I still wear tights and stockings. Call it retro, old fashioned, or whatever else I simply don’t care. I say this because today’s look sparked a conversation among my coworkers and I about whether tights are chic or shabby.

It was interesting to sit back and listen to everyone’s opinion. It reminded me of the local fieldwork assignments I’d have in undergrad as an Anthropologist. Listening, observing, taking notes… The older the coworker the more inclined she was to wear them, even on a daily basis. It was seen as inappropriate or risqué to be bare legged in the office.

While the Baby Boomers were calling stockings and tights foundational pieces, some of the Gen X women were more progressive. However, the overwhelming majority of my fellow millennial coworkers felt stockings were the spawn of Satan. An absolute fashion restriction. Tights were tthought only to be worn when cold weather requires such a covering. This is in sharp contrast to the older women I spoke to, most of whom were in stockings themselves.

In any case, I love a good fashion experiment and a good pair of tights lol! I’ve paired these tan tights with a lovely faux wrap dress and simple cardigan for the office. By adding my trench and a pair of neutral heels, the earth tones in my dress pop and I especially love the graphic print. So listen, I’m dying to know, are stockings chic or shabby to you??

Dress & Cardigan//H&M , Trench//DKNY , Shoes//Donald Pliner , Bag//Rampage , Sunnies//Smak Parlour 


Vintage Sweater + Kitten Heels

I don’t know about you, but something absolutely magical occurs when I wash my hair. It’s as if a freshly clean scalp makes the entire body feel rejuvinated!


This weekend I said goodbye to my long locks and let my curly bob out of hiding. I achieved this loose curl texture by doing two strand twists and then teased the hair for a tossled effect. This should last all week provided I don’t roll out of my satin bonnet in bed, LOL!

Today’s look is from this past weekend. I kept it casual with basic skinnies and a vintage sweater. I added kitten heels and my favorite spring accessories to top it off. Here’s to slaying this Monday and having an amazing week, XO!

Sweater//Liz Claiborne , Jeans//H&M , Shoes//H&M Sunnies//Smack Parlour , Tote//Ross 

Leather Sheath + Graphic Blazer

*Breaking News* Spring is finally here… (for real this time). Flowers are in bloom and the city is full of life. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to see consistently mild temperatures. I can finally pull out my trench coat and favorite spring dresses!

Since spring and fall are both transitional seasons, I love styling leather and suede. These versatile pieces are perfect for me since I work evenings and travel home when the warm temperatures drop at night. Trust me ladies, don’t pack your leather away just yet!

Today’s look took me all of 5 minutes to throw on which is always  a win for me. I paired this comfy leather sheath with a shear blouse and a graphic blazer to add dimension. Super chic without all the fuss! XO

Blazer//H&M , Dress//Banana Republic , Top//Marshall’s 

Love as a Way of Life

In this last chapter Sally Clarkson shared with us how her son Nathan left home for film school in New York, a city full of temptation and was confronted with his own commitment to the Lord. How would Nathan live his life? How would he use his time on campus to make an impact in the lives of  his classmates? It was simple…Nathan chose to loveGod is love and He uses us to express His love to others! 

  1. Love is patient. Are there people in your life who need to see your patience so they’ll have time to grow? As the eldest child of three, I can often taken on the role of sister/parent. This can sometimes result in being demanding and critical. I’m the oldest, I’ve been there done that, just do what I say… This is not how you show your siblings godly patience. Moving forward, I want to create a place of safety for them where they have space to learn, grow, and become their own unique selves.
  2. Love is kind. What do you need to do to give kindness to others? Being kind means that I take the time to consider someone else’s feelings, perspective, and their situation. It is to be selfless and Christlike. To really spread kindness, I can not be self-centered.

To truly love as a way of life means to totally yeild our lives to the leadership of Jesus Christ. To learn and accept his love for us, and to then spread that love abroad. We must invest our time into caring for those around us, as well as ourselves!

We’ve come to the end of our devotional series “You Are Loved: Embracing God’s love for You” and I have to say that I’ve enjoyed these last eight weeks. A healthy relationship with the Lord is one that stands on the foundation of his love for us. His unwavering, unchanging, unconditional love. What an amazing gift!

Wool Cardigan + Gray Ankle Boots

Happy Friday! Hope all is well with you, I’ve had a busy week full of budget setting and venue hunting in preparation for the big day. Let me tell you ladies, it just got REAL, lol!

I’ve had six weeks of sheer shock and “omg am I really engaged” moments and now I’ve crossed over into “yo…what’s the budget for this jawn”. Needless to say, I will keep you all posted during the process.

So umm…. This March weather? Like, I just can’t you guys. One day it’s 70 degrees and sunny, the next it’s 40 and raining. Gotta love spring right?

Anyways, today’s look is my remedy for such sporadic weather. It tends to be chilly in the early morning and evening but warm throughout the afternoon.

So I decided to rock a heavy cardigan and some ankle boots to keep me warm…add some skinnies and I’m weekend ready. Have a great one loves, see you next week, XO!

Cardigan//Vintage , Top & Jeans//H&M , Shoes//Zara 

Glasses//Uptown Swank Boutique 


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