Month: July 2016

Printed Minidress + Lucite Heels


Happy Humpday beauties! The DNC is here and Dems have taken over the city of Brotherly Love. I love my city and I hope our guests are enjoying their stay. The people here are awesome, the food is amazing, and our museaums are national treasures. Most of my time is spent at work but when I’m not in the office I am out with friends or my fiancé.

On a recent afternoon date we decided to catch a movie and chill in town. We decided on Ghostbusters since Star Trek was sold out and I have to say it was funnier than expected. I was pleasantly surprised lol. I decided to wear this fun little number on our date but don’t worry I brought a sweater for the theater. I absolutely love the newspaper print and the little cut out chain detail in the mid section.

To accessorize I added some vintage chain earrings given to me by my grandmother and a pair of lucite sandals from Aldo. To be honest, I seriously forgot about these sandals til I found them in the back of my closet. They are about ten years old…just old enough to be on trend now. A super simple outfit without a lot of fuss is just what I needed for an afternoon out in the heat!

Dress//H&M , Shoes//Aldo , Jewelry//H&M {earrings vintage} 

Y – Back Dress + Folded Clutch

Hey girlfriend! It’s back to business here at SPS and after the events of the last two weeks, I’m in a much better space mentally thanks to prayer and self care. We are in full heatwave season here in Philly with temperatures in the nineties daily, and let me tell you, the struggle is real! I’m trying to keep my skin as clear as possible which often means keeping my hair and all it’s tropical product off of my face. Trust that updos, pinned wash & go’s, and some head wraps will be in full effect this summer!

Today I’ve decided to beat the heat with a bold and beautiful dress. This soft chiffon material in watercolor pattern has a Y-Back design. The slight ruffle along the bustline add a chic touch. I’ve added some oversize sunnies to compliment my retro undo. With so much gorgeous color in the dress, I opted for clear mules and finished the look with a bright folded clutch. Simple, sophisticated, and summer ready. Stay cool in this heat loves, XO – Kira.

Dress//Marshalls , Shoes//Aldo , Clutch//Ross , Glasses//Michael Kors 

My Prayer for America

It’s been over a week since my last post and to be honest, I’m forcing myself to get back to business. I tried to blog last week, but it felt disrespectful to post my latest outfit when my fellow Black Americans are being slaughtered like animals by police. It felt selfish to promote my latest Periscope video or to post selfies for the ‘Gram when I saw my father crying over the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile. No, that didn’t sit well with me – so I turned the computer off and took some time to grieve, to pray, and to find restoration in God. During that time I prayed for this hurting nation and for our local communities, here is my prayer:

Father God we come to you with heavy hearts, grieving over the loss of our dear Black brothers and sisters. Like Abel their blood cries out to you from the earth. Hear our cry today Lord and mend our broken hearts. (Ps. 147:3) Hide us in your secret place and let your name be our strong tower. Our spirits are vexed and our souls are angry, oh God. Help us to redirect our anger and not sin against You (Eph 4:26). Allow the joy of the Lord to be our strength so that we may overcome evil with good. Open our eyes, give us 20/20 vision in the spirit that we may see Satan’s devices and identify the cause of every effect. You told us that your people perish for lack of knowledge (Heb 4:6) so Lord we repent for our ignorance, for our complacency with temporal things and our failure to see that our fight is not against each other but against spiritual wickedness in high places (Eph 6:12). Our fight is against the ancestral demons that plague our people, the principalities of hatred and greed, the generational curses of poverty and premature death, and the stronghold of racisim over this nation. Father, tear down every wall that divides us and destroy the barriers of predjudice. Expose the spirit of Herod and destroy it’s effects: apathay, brutality, corruption, dehumanization, distrust, economic oppression, glass ceilings, injustice, marginalization, mass incarceration, poor self-image, resentment, segregation, social conditioning, racial cleansing, racial profiling, supression of emotions, systemic lies, tyrannical governace, underemployment, unethical behavior, violence, and wrath. Have mercy on America, oh God and heal our land. Place a hedge of protection around our police and bring fairness to our law enforcement. Bind the spirit of fear and release the spirit of love on both sides. Father, forgive the Body of Christ for not putting action to our faith and muscle behind our prayers. Forgive us for forsaking our communities in favor of money and members. Send a revival to our churches and let us wake up from our sleep. Bring unity across denominations so that the world may see your love through us. God of justice, give us strength, boldness, and compassion.

In Jesus name I pray, amen! 


Navy Stripes + Red Accessories


Happy Independence Day loves! I hope your weekend has been a good one. We’re right in the groove of summer, can you believe how time is flying? Philly is the place to be this time of year for our Welcome America festivities. Since Memorial Day the city has steadily seen an increase in visitation and this past weekend kicked off our 4th of July celebrations. I can assure you the waterfront will be ablaze with fireworks and the Ben Franklin Parkway will be lit tonight. If you ever get the chance to come celebrate with us, please do!


In honor of the holiday I’ve chosen to keep it patriotic for today’s look. In the mood to dress up for some reason ( as opposed to cut offs and a tank top ) I opted for a striped sheath dress. Although many are against horizontal stripes I find that the slim fit and precise tailoring gives me a chic silhouette. I especially love the rounded neckline and the wide shoulder straps.

With rain in the forecast today is the perfect day for an undo. To cap off my patriotic theme I’ve decide to wear my go to red heels and red clutch purse. MAC Ruby Woo on my lips for all day wear and a lightweight scarf because… anemia ( lol ). And there you have it, my city chic Independence Day lay. Here’s to burnt hot dogs and good potato salad, enjoy your day!! XO – Kira

Dress//H&M , Shoes//Zara , Clutch//H&M , Scarf//Thrifted 

Pass it On: A Beautiful Legacy

Are you truly beautiful or just a pretty corpse? Will you leave behind a collection of possessions or a legacy of love? As we come to the close of our Beauty Begins study these are the hard hitting questions posed to us by Chris & Megan Shook. Psalm 145:4 tells us that “Generation after generation stands in awe of your work; each one tells stories of your mighty acts.” From this we see that we’re prompted to share the good news of God’s love and power to the next generation. Also, it becomes evident that OUR story needs to be told. Each of us is the main charachter in the story of our lives. To many of us, we feel our story has too many bad characters, loose ends, plot twists, etc.. However, these are exactly the things that make any novel thrilling! The great eternal author of time is writting a classic concerning you, a stroy of triumph to be shared for ages. Allow your testimony to encourage the next generation of beautiful women.

As I get older, I have began to truly give thought to my direction in life and whether I am really making a positive impact on those around me. Am I on a hamster wheel constantly running a race against time? Are my dreams mere fantasies or seeds planted in my spirit by God to bear fruit? Even now as I approach marriage next year I’m reevaluating my life. Have I gotten so consumed with being a fly fashion blogger that I’ve lost the sing & pray of Sing Pray Shop? I have now come to realize true beauty begins with the way I live, not with what I look like. My body is much different now than when I was a teen. This body will continue to morph repeatedly as I grow older. I dare not place my value on something so temporal as my figure or my clothing!

This study of Godly beauty has strengthened my resolve to live a life of love and passion for others. There is nothing wrong with loving fashion, makeup, jewelry, or even pursing careers in those fields if the Lord leads. However, I refuse to make an idol of those things or allow my own self occupation to pull me away from my first love…Christ. Even as a fashion blogger, I am most beautiful when I am serving God by loving others. This earthly vessel is never more radiant than when I’m in His will, living out the story He’s written just for me! XO – KIRA

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