Month: June 2017

Fishnets + Button Skirt

Every now and then you gotta add a little drama to an outfit. An unexpected dose of sass to match your level of cool. Today’s outfit includes such sass as brought to you by my hosiery.

Recently fashion girls everywhere went gaga when Kim Kardashian paired her fishnet stockings with ripped denim. I have to admit it had never occured to me to wear my own with denim as opposed to my usual Sunday lay.

Yes, those of you who don’t know, diamond fishnets are a staple in urban church girl fashion. Today I’ve decided to take my ‘nets out for a spin and slay this here Hump Day. On a trip to Zara earlier this year I racked up at their annual end of season sale. I was in shopping heaven and came down from the clouds with this fabulous pencil skirt.

The chic plaid pattern is so sophisticated but it was the gold buttons sealed the deal for me. I’ve decided not to play it safe with a white oxford and wear a red silk blouse instead. Fishnets for drama and gold accessories because I’m feeling sassy.

I’d love to hear from you, do you wear fishnets? If so, how are you styling yours?

Top//H&M , Skirt//Zara , Shoes//Donald J. Pliner , Bag//Rampage

Brunch: Sabrina’s Cafe

I’m not sure when but at some point within the last few years the hipster community decided brunch was a thing – a thing for all of us to suddenly take part in every weekend. I’ll be the first to admit, the idea of brunch has always been foreign to me, I mean it’s simple, either you want breakfast or lunch. There is no in between. However, in true millennial fashion I’ve succumb to the peer pressure and I find myself scheduling more dates for brunch than dinner.

Last November I visited Sabrina’s Cafe for the first time to celebrate my birthday. Located right in the heart of Drexel University’s campus here in Philly, the entire restaurant is set in the living room/dining room of an old 3 story home. Recently, hubby & I returned on a whim for Saturday brunch. If you’ve never been, let me tell you, Sabrina’s is always busy. Patrons of all ages and backgrounds come for good food and good conversation. Our visit was no different.

This time instead of the stuffed french toast I decided to be bold and try the Ultimate Mexi Scramble which is basically everything you love about Mexican food on a plate sans any meat. The pesto along with the peppers & onions took my scrambled eggs to another level. My favorite part of this dish was the black bean grits with blue corn tortilla chips for dipping. Hubby decided on a more traditional option, the Steak n Eggs Breakfast. Truly a hearty plate, the success of any steak n eggs dish rests on the quality of the steak. Self proclaimed steak aficionado, he was very pleased with his meal: scrambled cheese eggs, humongous home fries, and flank steak dressed with tomato chimichuri sauce all accompanied by thick slices of sourdough bread.

Both meals including my hot tea came to about $30. After such a filling brunch it was hard not to catch the itis and nap the day away. We will definitely be back to Sabrina’s and her sister restaurant  (literally acroas the hall) Spencer’s. I’m anxious to try lunch and dinner to see if they’re as good as brunch. So friends if you’re in the area or visiting Philly and looking for a place to go brunchin’ try them out and then let me know what you think! 

Khaki Trench + Floral Pants

Happy Friday beautiful people!! I’ve missed you all terribly but ya girl has been quite busy these last few weeks. You are now looking at a married woman. That’s right, two weeks ago I tied the knot with my very best friend in the whole world. Shakira Keys is now Shakira Johnson, can you say “new name who dis”? Afterward we spent a week on a honeymoon cruise to Bermuda which was absolutely fabulous. Rest assured pics are soon to come in next months wedding posts.

We’re back home this week and are devoted to moving into our new apartment. We’re starting from scratch which means zero furniture, decor, etc… Fix it Jesus, lol. So there’s lots to do, not to mention all the changing my name and such, but it’s all apart of a new chapter in an exciting journey.

Since it looks like I’ll be too busy to shoot new looks for a couple weeks I’m SO GLAD I have some on deck from last month. Today’s post is the first of two shot by Adam Martin , an awesome photographer servicing Philly and it’s surrounding suburbs. Adam and I connected via IG and I jumped at the chance to work with another local creative.

This featured look is all about staying chic in spring staples, especially when navigating this inconsistent Philly weather.  Truth be told, I’ve had this DKNY trench coat for about ten years. The fit is perfect and every time I consider buying a new one I change my mind. Perhaps I’ll replace the buttons to update it for next spring.

These floral trousers are a comfy cotton blend and come permanent pressed. I’ve paired them with a sweatshirt which is a trend I’ve been dying to try. I have three pair of these pants in different styles and will be challenging myself to spice it up a bit. Well darlings, I hope you’ve all had a fabulous work week. I’m looking forward to an awesome weekend… with my hubby. Ahhh, XOXO – Kira

Sweatshirt//H&M , Pants//H&M , Jewelry//Burlington , Shoes//Zara , Trench Coat//DKNY 

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