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Fishnets + Button Skirt

Every now and then you gotta add a little drama to an outfit. An unexpected dose of sass to match your level of cool. Today’s outfit includes such sass as brought to you by my hosiery. Recently fashion girls everywhere went gaga when Kim Kardashian paired her fishnet stockings with ripped denim. I have to…


Brunch: Sabrina’s Cafe

I’m not sure when but at some point within the last few years the hipster community decided brunch was a thing – a thing for all of us to suddenly take part in every weekend. I’ll be the first to admit, the idea of brunch has always been foreign to me, I mean it’s simple,…


Khaki Trench + Floral Pants

Happy Friday beautiful people!! I’ve missed you all terribly but ya girl has been quite busy these last few weeks. You are now looking at a married woman. That’s right, two weeks ago I tied the knot with my very best friend in the whole world. Shakira Keys is now Shakira Johnson, can you say…