Burgundy Lace

I don’t feel like blogging at all. That’s my truth right now loves. Two weeks post-op from major surgery, pain killers and fluffy pillows have now become my beat friends. Honestly, the last thing on my mind is fashion. It’s hard to post pretty pictures when you can’t even use the bathroom by yourself. A break from the outside world was mandatory. Fortunately your girl planned ahead so we don’t miss a fashionable beat. I shot all of my looks for the rest of 2018 long before fall officially arrived. Every outfit is already scheduled, starting with this beautiful burgundy lace dress.

You may remember seeing this dress in Green a while back. As you know, anything I like I purchase several. It makes life easier since I know the fit is perfect. The small details are what caught my eye. Comparing the black with green overlay to this burgundy and rose pink, this one is my first pick. Against the light background the dark floral design stands out. You can truly see the intricacy of the lace.

Every dart, every seam is placed just so. Even with my petite height, they manage to line up right where they should. Being able to belt any dress is always a plus for me so that addes extra points. Just as before I chose to pair this dress with satin mules. Finding shoes in the exact same shade of rose meant they had to be purchased asap. Some things are a no brainer.

I kept the simple with a fringe earring and my favorite watch. This watch was my first Valentine’s gift from my husband when we were dating. Before then I hardly ever noticed rose gold jewelry. Seeing it on my skin made me fall in love. So much so that our wedding rings are rose gold. Even hubby likes the look of the meatal on his complexion. So here you have it folks… a simple slay.

Dress//New York & Co , Shoes//K&G , Earrings//H&M , Watch//Jacote

Green Lace

Since the sixteenth century no other fabric has embodied both class and femininity as lace. From Queen Elizabeth to Marie Antoinette it’s been associated with royalty. The trend continued well in the roaring twenties and by the eighties it was synonymous with all things rock and roll. It was a symbol of class and elegance. Then later a bad girl’s “screw you” to all things girlie in the form of ripped stockings and fingerless gloves. All things considered, I’ve hated lace for most of my life. Then one day I loved it, without warning. A switch was flipped and suddenly I was smitten. So you can imagine my excitement when I found this beautiful forrest green lace dress.

It was during a trip to Maryland two winters ago to visit a close friend when I fell in love. We were shopping at New York and Company admiring the Eva Mendes collection. It was full of color and ultra chic midi dresses. Knits that hug your body and accentuate your shape. Wrap around Belts that cinch your waist. A girl’s dream, especially a modern church girl. Then we noticed this beautiful dress. Intricate lace overlay with a great opaque lining. I especially loved the way the lining stops short of the remaining lace. It adds a little flirtation at the hem. The structured collar and thin belt elevate the dress. The cap sleeves make it multi-seasonal.

The best part? It was on sale! I was sold right away, especially since I purchased another one in another color (which you’ll be seeing shortly on the blog). I’m glad that my personal style has evolved. How about you? Would you add lace to your wardrobe? Leave me a comment below!

Dress//New York & Company , Shoes//K&G , Glasses//Forever 21 , Earrings// H&M

Floral Duster

After years of strict guidelines I’m still hesitant to wear casual outfits to work. Even with a laid back dress code, one that I raved about, it presents a challenge. I rarely wear denim. I’ve actually been reviewing old blog posts to see just how often I give you guys a denim look. It’s not that often. I promise to do better. Last week I chose to go semi casual for brunch and plan a look around this floral duster jacket.

I’ll admit, my first instinct was to pair it with a sheath dress. I decided to save that for church instead. This beautiful jacket caught my eye in Burlington a while back. The versatile color palette can easily go from spring to fall. I’ve been drawn to dramatic sleeves all year. Needless to say I love the slight flare on the sleeves of this floral duster.

I really wanted to pair the jacket with s silky tank but it was cooler than usual. Instead I opted for a sheer blouse. I chose a pair of patent loafers to give a flirty sophisticated vibe. A pair of earrings and a purse with tassels added some flare. Lastly, my go to finisher, a pair of sunglasses.

I can’t wait to style this jacket again, especially this fall with some knee boots. Until then I’ll do my best to add more denim to my repertoire. Hope you enjoy your week loves, xo!

Jacket//Burlington Coat Factory, Blouse//Zara , Jeans//Forever 21 , Shoes//Ross , Purse//Burlington Coat Factory

Mental Health Awareness: Depression

Live long enough and we all will experience times where life knocks us down. Something we experience, be it a loss or trauma, a failed relationship or business venture, could cause us to slip into depression. Depression is defined as a) feelings of severe despondency & dejection; b) a mental condition characterized by feelings of severe despondency & dejection, typically also w/ feelings of inadequacy & guilt, often accompanied by lack of energy & disturbance of appetite & sleep. Other symptoms include: persistent sad, anxious, or “empty” mood, loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies or sex, sudden weight loss or weight gain, suicidal thoughts or attempts, & physical ailments that do not respond to treatment.

There are 3 main types of depressive disorders – Major Depression, Persistent Depressive Disorder (PDD), & Bipolar Disorder & they can often occur w/ any anxiety disorders. Major Depression involves at least 5 symptoms for a 2 week period. It is usually disabling & noticably interferes w/ ones’s everyday life. This can occur after major life events such as a romantic breakup, a medical illness, or the loss of a loved one. Some with MD feel life isn’t worth living & will attempt suicide. In contrast, PDD usually lasts at least 2 years. Although less severe, it involves the same symptoms. It often manifests as stress, irritability, & mild anhedonia (inability to gain pleasure from most activities). Finally, Bioploar Disorder (formally called manic-depression) is characterized by severe highs (mania) or mild highs (hypomania) & severe lows (depression). The manic phase can involve abnormal elation, irritability, decreased need for sleep, grandiose ideas, increased sexual desire, inappropriate social behavior, & poor judgment. In the depressive phase one experiences the symptoms of major depression. Mood swings between the 2 phases can be gradual or very abrupt.

So where does all of this leave the beliver suffering from any of the aforementioned disorders? I’m here to tell you there is hope. Remember King David who suffered from anxiety? Well, he also experienced major depression – along with Job, Jonah, Paul, Elijah, Jeremiah, Moses, & the King of Kings himself… that’s right, even Jesus the Christ. Each and every one of these God fearing men contemplated ending his life as opposed to the torment of their existence. Jeremiah considered his birth an actual curse & Job’s depression was manifested in the pain in his bones. Yet, we consider all of these men to be great icons of faith & Godliness. Why? Because they brought all of their human frailty & their fractured soul to the one who could heal them & then they let it bring glory to God.

The bible tells us in Isaiah that Jesus is a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief. This is because He’s been there, right in the grips of depression. He is intimately familiar with everything you’re feeling. As a result, Psalm 34:18 says “The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” You are not a weak human being or less of a Christian. No matter what trauma you’ve endured, you are not damaged goods. Take each day as it comes & make a habit of identifying what triggers & accompanies the depression. The majority of our population does not seek help – don’t be like the majority. Talk to licensed professionals who can prescribe the necessary treatments. Should you take medication? That’s a decision which should be made after prayer & research. Use wisdom, in some cases medication is the best option. I pray you see that you are worthy of love & if you have attempted suicide, I’m honestly glad you failed.

If you are plagued with suicidal thoughts or fear for a loved one who is, please call the the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) day or night 24/7 & speak to someone before you take permanent action.


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