Month: February 2016


So it’s been five days and now that I’ve done a shoot I’m finally ready to share the good news here on the blog…. I’M ENGAGED!! Ahhhhh (insert every emoji all at once), you guys I swear it still feels like a dream. I’ve randomly burst into tears quite a few times over the weekend and my cheeks literally hurt from cheesing so hard but nothing compares to this feeling. I can only imagine how I’ll feel once we say I do!

This past Friday my best friend Jason of the last 9 years popped the question. It took place at my apartment shortly after watching the most recent episodes of Suits and The Blacklist. I wish I could say I was decked out in couture – instead I was in an old t-shirt, fuzzy leopard pajama pants, and mismatched Nike socks. Did I mention my wig was off? Yep, conrows on deck, no scarf, ha! Of course no of this mattered to him. I was a hot, coughing, sneezing mess and to him it was perfect.

I will most likely add a new section to the blog to document our story and our journey to the altar. For now, I just wanna bask in this moment and enjoy my fiancee. Today’s look is all about glamour, something that will surely be evident at the wedding. All black everything keeps is clean and sophisticated. My sequin pencil skirt is balanced by chic basics and topped with a vintage Mink fur to add sophistication. This Rose gold, 1 ct. pink Morganite engagement ring is the perfect accessory to any ensemble. I am beyond happy with his selection. Gosh you guys, #Love16  now has a whole new meaning! XOXO

Mink//Saga Furs , Top//Uniqlo , Skirt//Express , Shoes//Zara , Watch//Nine West , Bracelet//Guess 

Knowing God

Happy Monday loves!

We’ve finished “Knowing God”, week two of our You Are Loved eight week devotional series as of Friday. In this chapter Angela Perritt used the development of her relationship with Dirk, her husband, as an example of building a relationship with God. Angela does a beautiful job of reminding us that getting to know Jesus is intentional. Developing a strong relationship, whether romantic or friendly, takes time. One must be purposeful and deliberate while doing so. Angela and Dirk gradually deepened their friendship and eventually became exclusive, meaning they were only involved with one another…no side pieces. This type of intimate relationship requires vulnerability and honesty. God desires such intimacy with us, the objects of His affection. I was challenged by this week’s devotion to pursue God even more and designate quality time with the one who loves me most. Although we had seven reflection questions this week, I’ve decided to share my thoughts on these three:

  1. Knowing the truth of 2Tim 3:16, why should we read God’s word on a daily basis for ourselves? It’s one thing to hear a sermon or read a devotional, but nothing compares to first hand knowledge of God’s word for myself. The Bible is the written expression of God’s will and His character. It’s His blueprint for humanity and one of the believers’ greatest resources. We can always find comfort & guidance in His word.
  2. How does it change your outlook on God when you realize that He extends His mercy and grace to us when we approach Him? Jesus, having become human, can sympathize with our weaknesses and relate to our temptations. He is now our advocate with the Father, and our savior, and elder brother.  As a result, I am less afraid to approach God the Father. I’m less likely to stay away from Him or His presence out of shame and condemnation. When I remember His mercies are new each day and that I am His beloved, I come to Him as a child. I come as His daughter, not His peasant slave.
  3. What are some ways you can choose to slow down your life so that you can “be still” before our Lord? In the hustle and bustle of our crazy lives it’s easy to get swept up in emails, projects, duties, and entertainment. I am personally still trying to balance blogging with work and yet maintain healthy relationships with God & others. I believe that by yielding the start of my day to the Lord, routinely unplugging from technology, and not becoming consumed with social media I can slow down & be still in God’s presence.

Knowing God may seem like an impossible feat but it’s certainly easier than we think. By moving him out of the friend zone and making Him bae, we can all build the strong, loving, lasting relationship He desires!

Cable Knit + Shearling

Hello Darlings!

This week has been darn near apocalyptic on the east coast. We’ve gone from below freezing Valentines Weekend, snow Monday, to 60 degrees Tuesday. All of which has resulted in my severe head cold and frog like voice. Thankfully, I am able to stay wrapped in warm layers and heavy coats. Today’s look features the best of both! This chunky cable knit sweater dress (which you’ve also seen in gray) is just what the doctor ordered. I’ve paired the cream with a chocolate shearling and matching boots. I may feel crappy but a cold doesn’t stop pretty. Til next time, XO!

Coat//Zara , Dress//H&M , Boots//Dollhouse , Jewelry//Overstock 

He calls Us Beloved

Last week those of you who have subscribed to the blog and become Kira’s Krew joined me for week one of #Love16 , our year long exploration of love. For this first quarter we’re spending eight weeks (February & March) learning about God’s love for Us. Our devotional of choice, You Are Loved: Embracing God’s love for You by Sally Clarkson and Angela Perritt is off to a great start. In chapter one Sally describes for us how having her daughter Joy, after several miscarriages, gave her a glimpse at the unconditional love God the father has for his children. She then begins to explain for us how this love is unchanging. At the end of each chapter there are reflection questions, I’ve decided I will share my thoughts with you all here:

  1. Do you realize nothing you do will ever separate you from the love of God? How can you live in this truth? Romans 8 assures us that not even death can separate me from God’s love. Although I will never truly understand just how much He loves me, or why he continues to seek relationship with such an inconsistent human like myself, knowing this truth gives me security and peace.
  2. What does it mean to you that God is a warrior big enough to fight your battles? Zephaniah 3:17 tells me that God is the mighty warrior who saves, and that he takes great delight in me. This means that I don’t have to consume myself with worry and have paralyzing anxiety about the course of my life. It means that during the hardest times of my life I am not alone and helpless, but I have supernatural assistance from my heavenly Father.
  3. There is only one one-word definition in scripture about God–God is love. Can you think of anyone in your life who needs to know this kind of love from you and God? The essence of God is love. I wholeheartedly believe an understanding of this love and putting it into practice is what will impact the lives of those around me for the better. My family, friends, and coworkers need to see consistency in my character and my conduct. As a representative of the Kingdom of God here on earth it is my duty to love my neighbor as myself and to share the good news of Christ.
  4. What about when you blow it again? How can you quickly restore fellowship with God and others? Psalm 86 tells me that God is full of compassion and slow to anger. He is a loving father. Like any father there will be times when he must correct me when I’m wrong but he is always merciful and kind. He wants what’s best for me and knows the best path for me to take. I in turn must learn to repent of my sins and yet be just as gracious with myself. Not repeating conversations of self pity and defeat but rather meditating on God’s promises and resting in his love.

Listen, life is beautiful but it can also be extremely rough. There is no escaping the ups and downs but you can go through them victoriously with faith, hope, and love. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was accepting Jesus Christ as my savior. He makes life worth living!

We’re already into week two Knowing God. Our memory verse is Jeremiah 24:7 “I will give them a heart to know me, that I am the LORD. They will be my people, and I will be their God, for they will return to me with all their heart.” Here the meditation scriptures:

Puffer Coat

Happy Friday loves!

I apologize for being MIA this week but I pray you’ve had a great one! I’m looking forward to this weekend, especially my upcoming Kirascope chat with you all as we recap week one of our “You are Loved” bible study. Follow me on Periscope at “singprayshop” to watch. This week has been snowy with temperatures below freezing so I’ve been living in my full length down coat. Today’s look is pretty basic but perfect for the weather. My go to corduroys are paired with a wool tunic and my suede slouch boots. Simple and functional wins every time. Hope you have a fabulous weekend and Happy Valentine’s Day! XO

Coat//Kenneth Cole, Tunic//H&M, Pants//Uniqlo, Boots//Aldo 

You are Loved: Week One

Happy Monday loves!

If you subscribe to the blog (of course you do) you received an email today all about our study this quarter as apart of our 2016 theme of love. I mentioned the reading material to purchase, “You are Loved: Bible Study” by Sally Clarkson & Angela Perritt and how we will go about studying together. Be sure to subscribe to the blog to get exclusive information which will not be shared here! Below is the focus scripture for week one of our eight week study and as the meditation scriptures for this week:




Hello loves!

This week has been very good to me thus far. I prepped my meals and outfits for the work in advance as well as my Instagram posts (follow me there as well @singprayshop) and it has paid off tremendously. I totally recommend prepping for the week and I can’t believe I haven’t done this sooner! More available time before my evening work shift begins means more time to explore the city and shoot in better sunlight. Today’s look is all about neutral shades of taupe, gray, tan, and wheat. I’ve made my favorite scarf, a glorious mixture of all the right neutrals, the centerpiece and finished off with this vintage derby. Here’s to bomb accessories, enjoy your weekend everyone!

Hat//Vintage ,Top//Uniqlo ,Pants//Uniqlo ,Boots//Zara ,Bag//Zara , Scarf//H&M , Jewelry//Overstock 

Date Night: Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Valerntine’s Day is less than two weeks away and if you’re in a relationship you’re probably hoping for a romantic evening; if you’re a like me, then you’re also excited for a reason to wear something glamorous. Thanks to Polyvore I’ve created three killer looks for your romantic evening that are nothing short of fabulous!Be Mine

Be Mine – This look features a classic collared shirt in a cropped length with a fun skater skirt. The over the knee boots add a wow factor to this slightly school girl outfit. By adding bold accessories this look instantly becomes more dramatic. Perfect for a romantic dinner and dancing!

Sweet Tart


Sweet Tart – This look embodies soft femininity and poise while being completely comfortable. The gorgeous off shoulder sweater and perfectly tailored trousers are a match made in heaven. The pastel pink hues are complimented with blush and gold in the chic accessories. Perfect for a horse and carriage ride or touring the sights of the city!

Valentine Vixen


Valentine Vixen – This final look is classically minimalist but always a winner for this holiday, a little red dress. This off shoulder bodycon dress makes a sultry statement all by itself. When paired with a gorgeous fur stole and black stilettos it adds sophistication. Glam accessories make this a knockout ensemble. Perfect for the opera or a trip to the theater! 


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