Month: October 2016

Tartan Skirt + Tassel Loafers

Another work week is upon us and I hope you’ve had a great weekend. I spent my Friday decorating my office at work for our “Pink Friday” competition in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. Those of you who follow me on Instagram saw all the festivities in my Insta-Story.

Saturday and Sunday were dedicated to family strategizing for my upcoming wedding and being with my church family. Some changes are being made which I will soon share in detail on here the blog. Best part of my weekend is having my voice completely back. I’m feeling much better, just in time for my birthday month to begin tomorrow!


Now that it really feels like fall I’ve decided it’s the perfect time to pull out my turtlenecks and tights. Today I’m wearing both with one of my favorite fall staples, a Tartan skirt. Plaid seems synonymous with back to school and fall fashion and this pleated number takes me back down memory lane.

Growing up I attended private school and I lived in plaid uniforms until 9th grade when I switched to a public high school. This entire look is inspired by those years. I suppose if I could’ve opted for heels instead of loafers, but it’s Monday and to be honest I live in flats at the office. How about you, what are your fall fashion favorites? Let me know in the comments and have a great Monday loves!

Blazer//Forever 21 , Top//Uniqlo , Skirt//Uniqlo , Tights//Target , Shoes//Nine West , Satchel//Zara 

Maroon Bodycon + Bell Sleeve Jacket

Hello beautiful people, oh how I’ve missed you! Last week I took a much needed break from all social media as per the leading of the Holy Spirit. It was extremely necessary for my sanity considering all that’s been happening in my personal life (possible blog posts forthcoming) as of late.

I fully intended to be back to business by the start of the work week but the way my sinuses are set up… an annoying cough has turned into full on sinusitis accompanied by laryngitis over the weekend. So basically I feel and sound a mess. Luckily, when the weather was delightful here in Philly ya girl took advantage so that I could give the people what they want… good fall fashion!

Temperatures reached record highs last week, which I’m sure is the catalyst for my sinus woes but they afforded me an opprtunity to rock some great new pieces like today’s dress. I found this this gorgeous maroon bodycon dress at my favorite local boutique Smak Parlour in Old City. It features lazer cut detailing on the neckline and hem and the thick fabric is perfect for transition weather when you want to stay warm but aren’t quite ready for tights with your dress.

Beleive it or not it’s actually very comfortable as well. I added my favorite vintage jacket since the dress is sleeveless. It’s pure wool with lovely bell sleeves, which have been trending all year. I honestly couldn’t find my go to black stilettos, so these black patent pumps finished the look. I’m beyond excited fall is here, hope you’re having an awesome Wednesday, talk to you soon!

Dress//Mystic , Jacket//Vintage , Shoes//Nine West

Quilted Jogger + Black Stilettos

Can you believe it’s Friday again? This week has seriously moved by so quickly. It’s been a blur but it’s been a blessing. Some unexpected challenges came up and ya girl didn’t freak out, which means I passed the test of patience God is trying to teach me. That’s a major win for me!

One of my goals for this weekend is to review the week, finally find my journal so I can write down my thoughts and lessons, and then properly prepare for the week ahead. The coolness of fall is here which means I’ve started transitioning my wardrobe. I’ve started wearing a scarf and jacket to work and I’m sleeping in pajama sets because, PGW (aka the gas company here in Philly).

While unpacking my fall essentials I came across my favorite jogger set by my friend and local designer Brittany DeShields. This cropped quilted jogger is extremely comfy, which is perfect for Friday. Since my hair is being a hater lately I’ve decided to wrap it up turban style in this original K. Vaughn scarf, a fellow Philly designer. I’m keeping it local today and adding chic accessories takes the entire ensemble up a notch.

I hope your week has been good to you and I pray the weekend is even better, see you Monday babes! XO

Jogger//Brittany DeShields , Shoes//Donald Pliner , Scarf//K. Vaughn 

One Month to Love: Risking Awkwardness

Are your close relationships in the danger zone of “Just Okay” ? 

In each of our close relationships there is a serious need for awkwardness. The kind brought about by diving benaeath the surface and getting real. There is a tendency in long term friendships or romantic relationships to reach a place where we feel we know all there is to know about the other person. Think about it, you’ve been besties for 15 years for crying out loud, what’s there to learn? Or perhaps you feel there’s nothing more to your little brother, after all – you changed his diapers. Maybe you even overlook your parents’ evolution into changing adults?

Instead of intentionally seeking to learn more from these individuals we settle for the following: “How was your day?” “It was okay, yours?” “ was fine.” Voila! Nothing was said, nothing was learned, just vague generalities. We become strangers to each other and before long, have no idea who our loved ones have become. However, all of this can change, the moment we risk being awkward. When we ask the uncomfortable questions.

News Flash: People are not Mind Readers! 

Yes, I’m sure you know this, but it needs to be said. For example I like to shop (duh, what’s the name of this blog… hello) and that is no secret. My friends also like shopping. What most of them don’t know is that I prefer to shop alone, early in the day, without a crowd. I’d much rather eat with a group than shop with one. Unfortunately, my friends aren’t mind readers, so when I’m squimish about going to a big mall on Black Friday it only appears as if I’m avoiding the squad.

While my scenario wasn’t a serious one, this same principle applies to your familial relationships and the romantic ones. We all recieve love differently. Some of us respond to gift giving, while others need verbal affirmation, still some require acts of service to truly feel loved. The point is, none of these needs will be met without us verbally expressing our needs to those who love us. Let’s resolve today that we’ll risk the awkwardness by asking neccessary questions. Let’s have the willingness to be uncomfortable and go deeper!

Red Floral Co-ord

Last night’s presidential debate between Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump has me feeling like I’m nursing a hangover this Monday morning. This whole race is just too much. Too darn much.

I seriously wish ABC  would’ve just aired the latest episode of Quantico instead of the school yard fight we were subjected to, but I digress. This is a fashion post and I will not overshadow today’s fashion goodness with a rant about the candidates, perhaps I’ll do an opinion piece soon?

Forgive me loves, let’s focus on this beautiful Monday morning and the fresh 24 hours we have to slay! Speaking of things that slay, today’s outfit is taking away my campaign blues baby. This cropped two-piece, also known as a co-ordinate set, features a floral design across the front of the top and skirt.

The red and yellow florals stand out against the black base. The material is actually quite thick and not ideal for humid weather. However, the long sleeves make this set pefect for fall. I opted for peep toe booties instead of sandals because I’m honestly ready to dig into fall footwear.

Here’s to squeezing a few more wears out of our co-ords this October lol!

Co-ord Set//Misguided , Shoes//Bebe , Handbag//Calvin Klein 

One Month to Love: Acting Intentionally

Previously in our devotional study we learned how to give those in our circle the undivided attention they deserve by being present in every moment and actively listening to what’s being said. In week two, we now focus on the intentional actions needed to foster deep connections. This inquiry raises one question in particular…

Is your life too crowded? 

Have you become such a slave to your to-do lists and your demanding work or school schedule that you’ve completely neglected to spend real time with the people closest to you? The truth is, you don’t have time to do everything that everyone wants you to do, and you never will. However, you do have time for the important things… which is building our closest relationships. We must intentionally create space for these relationships to grow by not overcrowding our days with busy work, and taking time with God, family, & close friends.

Remove the obstacles. 

For many of us, this Thanksgiving will be the first time we’ve actually spent real quality time with our families. In our frantic dash to buy ingredients from the markets and bake the necessary pies, we’ve lost sight of what the holiday is actually about. To intentionally create space, we need to prioritize who gets our precious time. Family first… everyone else is second. Allow God to divinely interrupt your regularly scheduled program. After all an “annoying” interruption, is often God’s way of slowing us down to show us what’s really important to Him & Us!

Purple Dress + Satin Booties

Is it really October already? Are we seriously down to the last three months of 2016? October is a busy month for me in ministry because it is church anniversary month and my Apostle’s birthday celebration. Not to mention this is national Clergy Appreciation Month. In addition, people all across the country are walking, running, and donating this month in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

It is estimated that 1 in every 8 women will battle Breast Cancer in their lifetime. It is a disease that has claimed the lives of so many women and has torn apart numerous families. All month long city buildings, major companies, churches, and other organizations encourage us all to wear pink in honor of those we’ve lost, in tribute to those who’ve survived, and the efforts to find a cure for the disease.

Aside from these major observances, October is also the designated month for Domestic Violence Awareness. This is a cause that near and dear to my heart as I have seen firsthand the damage such violence can do to famlies. Statistics show that 1 in 4 women will be a victim of domestic abuse in her life time. This means domestic violence is a more likely threat for a woman than a diagnosis of breast cancer, and just as fatal.

The official color of domestic violence support is purple, which has inspired today’s look. It’s my small way of honoring the many women (and the 1 in 7 men) who have bravely faced the horror of abuse. This super comfy pleated purple dress and satin lace up booties are the perfect remedy for a case of the Monday’s. The jewel toned shoes and the leather sleeved blazer add an edge to the overall look and a dose of fierce to my mood.

Let’s make today a great one and remember to show your support by wearing your purple! XO – Kira

Dress//Jessica Simpson , Shoes//J. Lo , Blazer//H&M , Jewelry//Macy’s 

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