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Knits & Puffer

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend! Chile, this has been such a long week. Your girl is tired. It’s been six months since I’ve taken new blog photos and I seriously considered canceling tomorrow’s shoot. Nevertheless, I’m gonna push through and just take a bomb nap when I get done. Wednesday was the official start of spring and my sinuses have confirmed this change of season. However, the temperatures are slow to rise so I’ll be in warm clothing until then. Today’s look is all about this knit hat and scarf and cozy puffer vest.

To be quite honest, I never know exactly when to wear a puffer vest. What temperature is too cold? Too hot? I only know I’ve made a mistake when my arms are freezing or my back is sweaty. Apparently the stars were all aligned on the day of this shoot. Not every day is a day for heels and sequins. Especially since my job changed the dress code. I wear more casual clothes than ever before.

Deciding to wear this burgundy vest with jeans kept it chill. Plus, darker denim always looks nice against burgundy. The knit hat adds a pop of bright color while this plaid scarf ties them all together. Picking one color from the scarf, I went with a pink shade. It’s less predictable. Finally, my trusty Chelsea boots match perfectly. Catch me in these streets during the week and you have a 50/50 chance I’ll either be sophisticated or chill. It’s a toss up!

Hat//Boohoo , Scarf//Ross , Top//Uniqlo , Jeans//Forever 21 , Boots//Zara

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