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Catherine Marion x Fanm Djanm


A few weeks ago I had the privilege of attending the “Natural Hair + Headwraps = Happiness” event here in Philly presented by black owned brands Catherine Marion and Fanm Djanm. The event featured an informative workshop followed by a pop up shop.

Sisters Ivy and Abby Omoruyi are the dynamic duo behind Catherine Marion, a natural haircare and custom wig line. The two are also coauthors of the popular book “Guide to growing Natural Hair long”, a step by step haircare manual for 4b/4c hair along with a 42 day regimen calendar and tutorials. In addition to the manual, the sisters create custom hand sewn wigs for naturals who are seeking protective styles.

From a small town in Haiti to corporate America, and then on to become a Harlem restauranteur, Paola Mathe is a force of nature. What started as a personal 30 day headwrap challenge quickly became a movement. Before long Paola had launched Fanm Djanm, which translates “strong woman”, a line of headwraps & accessories for women of color. The brand is dedicated to the strong women of the world.



The event consisted of an informative workshop followed by a pop up shop with light refreshments. During the workshop the ladies gave wonderful tips on both haircare and business. With all of the tea they spilled I’ve decided to jot down key bullet points for all of you:

  • Conquer your fear of public opinion & take ownership of your natural beauty by learning how to care for your natural hair.
  • Stop texture shaming one another
  • Replace large proteins like mayo & banana with water and gelatin to treat damaged hair.
  • YOU are your brand! Be sure your socials reflect this.
  • Go with your gut, not the current trends to stay authentic.
  • Find your niche & build specific strategy for THAT audience.
  • Resist trying to produce content for everyone, focus on your tribe.
  • Do your research; do the leg work to grow your business.
  • Get out of the house! Network and build purposeful relationships.
  • Don’t quit you 9-5 prematurely, find a balance.
  • Your business can’t grow if your profit is solely used for personal wants/needs

As you can see, these ladies shared some awesome information with those at the event. To top it all off we got a chance to see their amazing products. To those of you still shopping for holiday gifts be sure to check out both brands and give the women in your life something unique! XO




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