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Dark denim + Plaid Stole

I generally love the beauty and festivity of the holidays, especially during the winter. I enjoyed this past holiday season for many reasons. I spent Thanksgiving indoors and under covers cuddling my husband. We decided against turkey dinner in favor of dry rub barbecue. No dinner hopping from one house to another, just the two of us and a slew of movies. Surprisingly no one protested or made a fuss. I guess it was to be expected, being newlyweds and all.  Christmas was also a treat because we opted for a Christmas Eve lunch at one of our favorite restaurants instead of a traditional pot luck dinner on Christmas day.

After lunch we took some time to explore center city Philadelphia and take a tour of Christmas Village, the city’s beautiful outdoor holiday market modeled after traditional Christmas markets in Germany. Over 80 booths comprise the village with everything from Belgian waffles and bratwurst to hand crafted ornaments and jewelry. This year I saw more diversity among the merchants including some African skin care lines. It was definitely a wonderful way to spend time with one another, begin new family traditions, and make pleasant memories with our 11 year old daughter.

While I had plenty of cider and cocoa to keep me warm I still opted for jeans instead of a dress. I used one of my favorite plaid blanket scarves as the focal point and just layered from there. I paired this red silk top with dark denim skinnies and my black riding boots. This blanket scarf is advertised as a two-way stole but I’m sure I can think additional ways to style this piece. This was the perfect outfit for a day of exploring. I like to think that it was a great introduction to a new season and that it set the tone for a beautiful 2018. How did you spend your holiday? Tell me in the comments below!

Scarf//Uniqlo , Blouse/Jeans//H&M , Boots//Clark’s

Mustard V-Neck + Dark Denim

No Monday blues for Patriot fans today unless you count our patriotic navy, LOL. Yes, ya girl is a New England Patriots fan. Philly is my home but the Eagles have never captured my heart.

The Atlanta Falcons owned last night’s game the entire first half, and well into the 4th quarter with a 28 to 9 lead over New England. In a MAJOR upset the Pats beat the Falcons scoring 31 unanswered points late in the game to win the Super Bowl 51 in overtime. Truly an entertaining game!

To keep the party going I’ve decided to sport some celebratory blue in my makeup and outfit. This deep midnight blue by Maybelline is a part of their newest color sensation line. Rich, velvety, and totally out of my normal color palette I’m so glad I took a chance on this lip color.

The blue contrasts perfectly with my mustard sweater and indigo skinnies. I’ve decided to take a multicolored neck scarf and wear it as a head wrap. The colors pair perfectly with my Aria handcrafted African jewelry. One of my favorite recent holiday gifts.

Lastly, I threw on my go to rider boots and grabbed my black tote. I’m Audi 5000, ready to tackle another day. Here’s to the start of an amazing week!

Sweater//Uniqlo , Jeans & Scarf//H&M , Boots//Clarks , Jewelry//Aria 

Fuschia Sweater + Satin Boots

As a reward to those who have donated to the Philly Jingle Bell Run it’s jeans week at the office. Although I no longer own enough pairs of jeans to actually last me all week, I’m still excited to participate. As much as I love dressing up, there are still days when all you want to do is throw on some denimn and get going.

Since it isn’t Friday just yet I’ve decided to dress up my jeans today and add a bold color. This fuschia sweater has litrally been in my closet since about 12th grade. I swear to you! I love the satin buttons and the rolled collar.

Although it comes with a satin sash belt to tie around the middle, I opted to lose the belt and add a large printed scarf as my statement piece. Now if you thought the sweater was old, these satin boots are even older. I received these babies as a Christmas gift from my stylish grandmother back in 10th grade! She purchased them from Parade of Shoes, which is no longer in business.

I’ve started to sell these boots on numerous occasions but something always holds me back… namely their comfort. Shoes that are comfortable are a priority for me and these definitely deliver. Hope your week has been kind to you thus far, happy Wednesday loves!

Sweater//Charlotte Russe , Jeans//H&M , Scarf//H&M , Shoes//Vintage 

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