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Loving is Our Kingdom Work

Love is God’s universal language. We are commanded to love our neighbor as ourselves and in doing such, we become more like Christ. Many times people can’t understand God’s love and forgiveness for them because they haven’t felt such love from the humans around them. Here are some facts aboutĀ realĀ love:

  • Love is an obedient choice
  • Love heals relationships
  • Love is the beginning of friendships
  • Love initiates
  • Love inspires others
  • Love comforts

As I reflect on these truths, I realize that I can surely grow in this area. To show the love of Christ everyday means I need to see every interaction as an opportunity to sow. People should know that I’m a believer after being in my presence or observing how I carry myself and serve others. This will require me to abandon my assumptions, prejudgments, and past grudgrs so that I can effectively be used by God to bring healing and compassion. What a privilege to love and be loved!

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