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Little Red Dress

At some point within the last two years I realized there was an absence of red clothing in my wardrobe. Lots of black, neutrals, brights, and even white – but no red. For whatever reason I stayed away from red and hot pink almost religiously. These colors seemed taboo…off limits for me. As if wearing those hues was “doing too much”.

I’d admired how these colors looked on other women of color but had never considered trying them myself. To get over my hang ups I decided to consciously begin adding shades of red and pink into my wardrobe. At first through accessories and then clothing. This red fit and flare dress was one of my first purchases.


The soft fabric is lightweight and breathable. The fit manages to be relaxed without being sloppy, while the retro pleats and billow sleeves give a feminine touch. To top it off the pop of peach color at the hem is unexpected and fun! Who knew red could be this dreamy?

Dress//Forever 21 , Shoes//Zara , Accessories//Burlington , Bag//Rampage 

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