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Sequin Bomber + Midi Skirt

I can say with certainty that each day when deciding what to wear it all boils down to two options: be chill or do the most. That’s it in a nutshell. I’ve come to accept this truth. I also know that I’m not alone. There are plenty of other women just like me. Women who toggle between being low key or completely extra. Women who will wear a button up and denim on a date but go to work in let’s say… a sequin bomber and a metallic midi skirt. Yes beloved, today’s look is actually what I recently wore to work. Not a night out with the girls or a concert on South street, this was worn to the office.

By now you know that my employers have gotten rid of our strict business dress code.  Instead, we now have a wear what you feel atmosphere. Denim is no longer limited to Casual Friday and neither are sneakers. So I’d say I am well within compliance. The awesome thing about this new dress code is that I’m rediscovering my creativity. I woke up and decided I wanted to wear my sequin bomber jacket. Then I built an entire outfit around that piece. Can you believe this vintage jacket was a gift from my bestie in high school?! There are times when I want the jacket alone to be the focal point but this wasn’t one of them.

Instead of just wearing a pair of jeans with the jacket I opted to finally pop the tag on this beautiful pleated midi skirt. It’s been collecting dust in my closet since October but the weather is finally warm enough to give it a go. The skirt is paper thin and practically sheer. When I wear it in the Fall I’ll definitely need tights underneath. The hardest decision regarding this look was choosing my top. A white shirt seemed too predictable and a graphic tee was overkill. I decided a plain gray sweatshirt was the perfect mix of casual cool. The neutral color brings out the gray in the fish scale pattern of the sequin bomber jacket. It also allows for the blue color in both the skirt and jacket to be seen. However, my primary reason for the gray shirt was so I could wear these pom-pom sneakers, lol.

Don’t hate, but I found these babies on the clearance rack for just $10! They slip on so you know they’re super comfy. The faux suede fabric is easy to clean and the furry pom-poms are a trend I’ve always secretly wanted to try. I love seeing the contrast of such a bold jacket and elegant pleated skirt against a casual sweat shirt and sneakers. The pieces can all stand alone but they don’t clash or overpower each other. It was a risk but I went ahead and added some statement jewelry to finish the look. Why not? If you’re gonna do the most then do it hunny. Here’s to all the extra ladies slaying sidewalks everyday. I see you boo, XO.

Jacket//Vintage , Shirt//H&M , Skirt//Zara , Sneakers//Kmart , Jewelry//Burlington Coat Factory

5 Ways to Closet Cleanse

Well folks, we are two weeks into this new season. The introduction of spring is often synonymous with spring cleaning. A time to reevaluate your surroundings and make the necessary adjustments. For many of us this means it’s also time for a little wardrobe purge so to speak. Here how to quickly and successfully cleanse your closet:

  1. START – This may sound obvious, but as someone who is notorious for procrastinating, I know first hand how easy it is to delay the inevitable. No matter how much work needs to be done, it’ll never get done if you refuse to start! Start with your shoes and accessories if need be and work your way up to clothing.
  2. TRY IT ON – I hate trying on clothes; especially clothes I already own, but I’m a weirdo that way. However, since gaining 20 lbs last year (intentionally but now somewhat regretfully) I’m forced to currently try on everything! Think about it, it’s literally been a year since you’ve worn some of these pieces. You need to know if they still fit at all or just need to be tailored for your present weight.
  3. KEEP IT REAL – Let’s be honest, you have no intention of wearing that tiered mini skirt no matter how big ruffles are this year. Let it go! On the other hand, those bell bottoms you’ve been holding onto since 11th grade would be clutch right now. My point is that by putting your emotional attachments to certain garments aside, you can be more decisive when purging.
  4. ORGANIZE – Now that you know what’s staying and what’s leaving it’s time to organize your clothing. Keep some transitional items (sweaters, ankle boots, lightweight leather, etc..that can be styled for spring) in reach all month as temps tend to vary. Pack away heavy winter items neatly and make room for your spring/summer wardrobe. If you store your shoes in bins or boxes, I recommend leaving your go-to shoes out for easy access. 
  5. REPAIR & REPURPOSE – Take the items you no longer want and be a blessing to someone who can use them. Whether it’s someone you know or at the local salvation army but don’t trash anything unless it’s completely ruined. Inspect the clothing and accessories you’re keeping to see if anything needs to be hemmed, taken in/out, buttons replaced, soles fixed, etc… The key to getting the most from your clothes lies in your care and creativity!

So there you have it, my quick and easy tips for closet cleansing. I hope your spring cleaning is a success, comment below and let me know if this was helpful. Talk to you soon, XO!

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