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Red Floral Co-ord

Last night’s presidential debate between Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump has me feeling like I’m nursing a hangover this Monday morning. This whole race is just too much. Too darn much.

I seriously wish ABC  would’ve just aired the latest episode of Quantico instead of the school yard fight we were subjected to, but I digress. This is a fashion post and I will not overshadow today’s fashion goodness with a rant about the candidates, perhaps I’ll do an opinion piece soon?

Forgive me loves, let’s focus on this beautiful Monday morning and the fresh 24 hours we have to slay! Speaking of things that slay, today’s outfit is taking away my campaign blues baby. This cropped two-piece, also known as a co-ordinate set, features a floral design across the front of the top and skirt.

The red and yellow florals stand out against the black base. The material is actually quite thick and not ideal for humid weather. However, the long sleeves make this set pefect for fall. I opted for peep toe booties instead of sandals because I’m honestly ready to dig into fall footwear.

Here’s to squeezing a few more wears out of our co-ords this October lol!

Co-ord Set//Misguided , Shoes//Bebe , Handbag//Calvin Klein 

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