Month: December 2015

Who Is Kira Keys?

Thirty-two years into this thing called life and I ask myself this question continually. Will I ever truly know? Are you ever truly finished becoming who you are? If so, how would you know? What does a finished person look like? If I get definitive answers to these questions I’ll be sure to let you know, but for now I’ll just enjoy this season of self discovery. That’s what I’ve deemed this decade between thirty and forty years of age. My twenties were a period of self absorption. I was completely selfish in that my only objective was to have fun. While being selfish and narcissistic are generally distasteful traits, I have to admit it was actually awesome to live without a care in the world and travel with my girlfriends. Single, saved, and sassy it was all about ME.

Fast-forward to my late twenties and the stress of college was becoming overwhelming, my new found love was chipping away the cynicism I’d guarded my heart with, and the crushing reality that the outcome of my life was completely up to me had me quite frankly terrified. Turning thirty was bittersweet because I entered real adulthood…and I desperately wanted a do-over. I remember saying “I don’t wanna adult anymore” but PHEAA and my creditors were right there to remind me that was not an option. So needless to say, I’ve spent the last two years making major accomplishments and major mistakes. I’ve learned how to press in to God and gain strength from His love and His word. I’ve discovered the things I need to change about my character and the beautiful things that make me unique.

Life after thirty has been crazy insightful. It’s been tough, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like I’m much closer to answering that constant question: Who is Kira Keys? If what I’ve learned so far is any indication, she’s pretty amazing. Stay close to find out for yourself! XO – Kira

“Losing My Religion” – Kirk Franklin

The highly anticipated “Losing My Religion” by “Uncle” Kirk Franklin, which is the first studio album from him in 4 years, is finally here. The album’s first single “Wanna Be Happy” debuted on BET’s Sunday Best and has been a hit ever since. The catchy song samples a classic by the Reverend Al Green, which has drawn some criticism from other Christian artists and believers in general. In an interview with Christian Post Franklin states “With this song, I’m saying, if you really want to be happy, you have to start with the originator…My goal is to lead people to the manufacturer of their souls”.

Franklin is certainly no stranger to the criticism of his music and has even admitted to fans via Twitter that he was apprehensive about releasing new material, “Every artist is afraid, I’m just not afraid to admit it! WANNA BE HAPPY?” Now that the album is available to the masses many are curious to find out why he wants to lose his religion. In the title track Franklin poetically lays out the concept for the entire album with the following:

“In the beginning religion created a mask…for generations’ church was where we went to go hide. Rules without relationship is empty inside. There’s room at the cross for everyone even me…religion is prison but truth sets us free. The next time you think America, please include me. The preacher isn’t God, religion’s first mistake. I’m losing my religion, thank God…helping you lose yours is my job.”

Having now fully listened to the album twice, I like what I hear and have already chosen a favorite track, “My World Needs You”. I can personally relate to Franklin’s desire to produce music for the people. Not music that compromises sound doctrine or is scripturally inaccurate, but rather music that causes the listener to turn to God the father. The fact is that even if every line in the song doesn’t start with “Jesus”, the message of the song can always lead back to Him if the music is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Have you heard the album? Share your thoughts!

Fall/Winter Trends 2015

Greetings stylish people! Fall is ending and temperatures are preparing to take quite a dive as we move into December. Now is the time to get those winter coats out of the cleaners and pull those winter staples out of hiding as we approach the colder winter months. While there are many trends to choose from this season, I’ve narrowed it down to my favorite picks that are sure to keep you fabulous and functional!

  • Blanket Scarf – Easily the most versatile piece of your F/W wardrobe (besides a denim shirt of course) this item can be worn several ways. Style is as a neck scarf, a cape, a belted shawl, a wrap skirt….the possibilities are literally endless. Get creative!
  • Ankle Boots – While riders and knee boots have always been a winter staple, this season ankles seem to be getting a lot more play. Look for a block heel (much like the boots you wore in the 90’s) and neutral shades like caramel, taupe, or gray to maximize your styling.
  • Flares – If I had to describe this season’s trend report in one word, it’d be “seventies”. Literally everything from that decade is all the rage and these last three trends are prime examples. Skinny jeans have had their run for quite some time, however flared denim is back and I couldn’t be happier. Legs look longer and slimmer in this style so grab your pair now.
  • Suede – Shoes, handbags, skirts, jackets….you will be sure to find this fabric everywhere. Shades of brown and oxblood are especially popular when choosing a suede piece to add to your collection. Not into lots of suede? Opt for a small bucket bag or a fringed clutch.
  • Fur – The number one trend of the season, and rightfully so, fur is back and it’s bigger than ever! No longer are designers sticking to conventional styles. Faux fur is no longer taboo and designers are making statement pieces in bold colors. Upgrade any outfit instantly by adding a fun fur jacket. If your a little more conservative, opt for a vest or stole to accent your look.

Well, these are my picks and I hope you’re inspired to make them your own. Cheers to being fabulous!

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